Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the champions... of the WORLD!

Well, not exactly the world, more like Mizzou RecSports.

On Sunday, our DG Soccer Team, already the reigning champions of the Greek Intramural league, played against the champions from the non-Greek league.

We were already a number of players down, and our Director of Activities, Elaine Beck, who is one of our strongest players, sat out because she wasn't feeling well. The girls played the whole game keeping the score at 0-0. We've gone into penalty kicks before, with some success, but no one ever wants to be under that type of pressure!

The referee announced that there was less than a minute remaining, so the team started hustling. They got the ball to freshman Jen Didion, one of our fatsest players, and sure enough she scored! The score was now 1-0, and when they lined back up, the referee announced 15 seconds left. We knew we had won!

This final win makes the Delta Gamma soccer team the best female soccer team in all of RecSports! Congratulations girls!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS!

Congrats to the DG Soccer team for bringing home a victory tonight in the Intramural Soccer Championships!

We beat Kappa Alpha Theta 1-0, making us the best soccer female soccer team in Greektown! Big thanks to all the fans, especially the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda, for coming out to support the team!