Monday, November 16, 2009

DG makes Steer Co.

We all know DGs like to make an impact around campus, but we would love to give a special shout out to Kelly Nelson (07), pictured left, for being accepted on to the 2009 Greek Week Steering Committee.

Kelly is a member of the Greek Week Fling Committee and will even be MC-ing the entire fling production for everyone in Greek Town. We will miss Kelly during Greek Week games, but we all know she will do a great job and represent that chapter well.

Way to be a DG Kelly!

Greek Week will be next spring but the Mu Chapter is already preparing. Watch out for news about courting and preferencing... it's just around the corner!

The slate is in!

Believe it or not the end of the semester is in sight! Congrats to the newly slatted officers... can't wait to see what everyone brings to their positions next semester! We start transitioning this week and look forward to bringing everyone up to speed with new programming plans and roles of their position.

President: Amanda Klohmann
VP Programing: Gracey Roope
VP Social Standards: Aston Peck
VP Finance: Brooke Bolen
VP Membership: Abby Warren
VP Member Education: Hannah Price
VP Foundation: Kathryn Bergmann
VP Communications: Chelsea Simon
VP PHA: Ellie Schamel
Director of Scholarship: Breanna Hance
Director of Rituals: A 2010 PI CHI
Director of Social Events: Hayley Harper
Director of Special Events: Beth Shelly
Director of Recruitment Records: Carolyn McClelland
Director of New Members: Jenner Smith
Director of Activities: Whitney Sedler
Director of Public Relations: Kelly Nelson
Director of EComm: Morgan Grawe
Director of Crews: Stephanie Rasch
Director of Social Awareness: Megan Higgins
Director of Alumnae Relations: Sara Harris
Director of Archives: Amy Voloto
Director of Seniors: Jessica Hughes (Mallorie Peer is the honorary director of seniors)
Director of Fundraising: Elise Friede
Director of Anchor Splash: Molly Clay
Director of Sisterhood Events: Michelle Samborski
Director of Banners: Molly Bradshaw
Director of Philanthropy: Allison Dolan
Director of Points: Jenna Kuphall
Director of Songs: Lauren Crutchfield
Director of Sportswear: A 2010 PI CHI
Director of Spirit: Morgan Coleman

House Manager: Erin Casper
Alternate PHA rep: Taylor Nyhan
Honor Board Junior Member: Allison Dolan
Honor Board Sophomore Member: Laura Niekamp
Honor Board Member at Large: Lucy Rusk

Stress Relief :)

All work and no play can make anybody a little grumpy...especially when tedious homework is involved. (Trust us, it definitely is.)

But, don't freight. To reward the lovely, hardworking ladies of our house, we've recently hosted a few date events: a Western rodeo Fall Party and a classy (as always) Semi-Formal.

Of course we have some pictures for you all, and we hope you enjoy!!

Pledge Daughter/Mother love!! Brittney Bloom (07) & Allie Sheppard (06)
Taking on the bull! Senior, Lorrin Lynn (06)
Allie Groomes (08) & Ashley Lein (08)!!
Clogging the halls of DG...some live-in sophomore beauties in costume!
Another group of sophomores before leaving for the "rodeo"!!


A 2010 PI CHI (08), Nikki Bracken (08) & Vanessa Termini (08) at the house before catching the bus!

Krista McBride (09), Ellie Schamel (08), Ashton Peck (08), Breanna Hance (08) & (far right) Jenner Smith (09), throwin' it up outside the house before leaving!


Some of our beautiful babies!
Avenly Jones (09), Katie Moore (09), Kelsey Colbrook Tracy (09), Lauren Hagerty (09), Ashten Travis (09) & Reanna Newham (09)


A few live-in sophomores throw up "the Deeg"! Morgan Grawe (08), Stephanie Faerber (08), A 2010 PI CHI (08), Antoinette Palazzolo (08), Jayme Merterns (08) & Courtney Alexander (08)

Lovely juniors: Tracy Haden (07), Jessica Hughes (07), Allie Fryrear (07), Bridget Brehany (07), Brooke Sturgeon (07), Kelly Nelson (07), Allison Dolan (07) & Abi Wilson (07)
Some sassy seniors, Pollie Rigg (06) & Abby Shearer (06)
A few more gorg. sophomores: Michelle Horan (08), Kelsey Andrews (08) & Allie Funderburk (08)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And we're back...

Mu Chapter President Abby Warren (07) and Director of Lectureship Amanda Klohmann (07) with Speaker Lisa Ling at book-signing.

Mu Chapter Lectureship Committee with speaker Lisa Ling

This semester has really flown by, and our blogging hasn't been too timely! No worries we are back and ready to bring you up to date with Mu Chapter!

On Wednesday, September 16 journalist Lisa Ling was Delta Gamma's special guest and speaker for Mu Chapter's Delta Gamma Foundation Lectureship in Value and Ethics.  Ling, a leading female journalist in the US, spoke about her experiences as a reporter for National Geographic, Channel One, The View, The Oprah Show, and CNN. Ling spoke to timely world issues and the need for American's to challenge their views about the world.

Besides speaking to the campus in a presentation at Jesse Hall, Ling also spent time at the chapter house, eating dinner with collegians and talking to members individually at a dessert reception.  The chapter was honored to have Ling as a guest and truly was privileged to take part in such a great evening.

Also a special thanks to Breanna Hance (08) for all her help with Lectureship, get ready for her to take over and bring another amazing speaker to campus next year!

P.S. Check out this link to an article that appeared in the Columbia Missourian all about DGs Lectureship!