Monday, August 30, 2010

Sign up for a Greek Life work group!

The Greek Life offices at The University of Missouri has spent the past few months forming a Strategic Plan based of an assessment from a consultation group who spent time on campus last spring. This assessment was conducted last semester by NPower, an outside consulting agency, as a way to assess the strengths and challenges for our Greek community. Now Greek Life is forming a way to address the Strategic Plan with students. Read the message below to learn how YOU can help!

Message from Greek Life:

In order to manage the next step in the Greek Life strategic plan, we are creating a series of workgroups and meetings that will focus on developing goals and strategies that can lead to positive change within our Greek Community. The purpose of the workgroups will be to address some of the primary concerns listed in the report. Workgroup participants will be asked to develop goals and action plans that will help provide a roadmap for our community. The topics for the workgroups are as follows:

  • Alcohol- Alcohol abuse and topics including lawlessness, fear of tragedy occurring, sexual assault, destruction of property, and hazing
  • Academics- Academic achievement, standards, incentives and recognition
  • NPHC- Overall council identity, governance, and support
  • MGC- Council membership, mission, and support
  • IFC Freshmen Male Experience- Recruitment, education, institutional identity, living requirements
  • PHA Chapter Size- Analyze chapter size, review NPC recommendations
  • Values-Based Community Standards- Standards for every chapter based on values of our community
  • Community Competition- Positive aspects of competition, negative aspects of competition

If you are intrested in being a part of the planning process for Mizzou's Greek Life Strategic Plan, please click the link at the end of this post to fill out the involvement form. The next step will be developing work groups associated with various topics for the upcoming semester.

If this interests you make sure to sign up today - the deadline is September 2nd.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bid Day 2010

From 1,452 potential members to the final 76, congratulations to the Delta Gamma pledge class of 2010 - we are so happy to have you as new members of our chapter!

Some of the pledge class 2007 (seniors) waiting on the quad for the new Delta Gamma babies!

All of the potential members waiting for their bid cards on the quad.

A new member and her Bid Day buddy pose with the Delta Gamma letters.

The new Delta Gamma members on Bid Day.

The pledge class of 2008 (juniors) waiting on the portico for the new babies!

New members 'throw it up' for the first time.

Members of the pledge class of 2009 wait for their Bid Day buddies.

Pledge Class 2010
Abbadessa, Ashton
Ambroske, Brooke
Anderson, Alexa
Barrett, Callee
Basso, Kayla
Berlind, Jordan
Beto, Alli
Bhambri, Samantha
Bixby, Taylor
Boze, Shawnee
Bridges, Summer
Brown, Mallory
Casey, Mia
Cassidy, Kristen
Choinka, Maria
Conklin, Maddie
Curtis, Elissa
Darnell, Claire
Desnoyer, Rachel
Dietrich, Kelsey
Dolan, Kenzie
Eakle, Mary
Elmendorf, Megan
Erdal, Katie
Finney, Dory
Gelbart, Hannah
Gilstrap, Audra
Gonzales, Maggie
Goodman, Lauren
Greco, Ali
Hall, Connor
Halloran, Sarah
Harper, Abby
Hopkins, Heather
Ivancic, Kelly
Kaelin, Kelsey
Keppeler, Maddie
Kesselheim, Shelby
Krueger, Mallory
Lewis, Megan
Love, Carson
Lukasek, Kelsey
Marquart, Brooke
Mathews, Mariah
McEvers, Sabrina
McLaughlin, Leigh
Metz, Logann
Miller, Faith
Miller, Grace
O'Neill, Claire
O'Toole, Haley
Ordonez, Mercedes
Ornduff, Hailey
Pawelski, Alle
Porter, Kelsey
Poteet, Alli
Ramirez, Gaby
Riordan, Allie
Schamburg, Allie
Schimmoeller, Libby
Schneider, Lindsay
Schumacher, Jordan
Sellenriek, Kate
Shumate, Bri
Stabler, Emmi
Stellern, Torrie
Still, Skyler
Voloto, Carly
Waldschmidt, Mary
Ward, Ali
Warner, Lexi
Waters, Kaitlyn
White, Sarah
Wollard, Alyssa
Yim, Grace
Young, Blair

Get Recruited!

It's recruitment - one of the craziest, longest, busiest, and most fun weeks of the year. Instead of telling you all about it, here is our photo break down of the week - enjoy!

Day 1/2: Open House

Day 3: Skit/Sisterhood Day

Day 4: House Tour/Philanthropy Day

Day 5: Preference Day

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Moving Day!

Our beautiful home at 900 S Providence!
Today is the day that most of the girls (if not all) have been waiting for since leaving CoMo back in May - the day that they get to pack up their belongings and move into the infamous DG house & annex!

Needless to say, those of us who have already experienced the amazingness of living in DG... well, we're incredibly envious. INCREDIBLY. "Living in" is undoubtedly the best part of college, and we are so excited for the house's new residents.

Have the time of your lives, ladies... and take care of our beautiful home! We know you'll have a blast.
Partial view of a two-man bedroom!
Girls playing in the lawn... view from our portico!
Hanging out in one of the three-man bedrooms!
Getting ready for Halloween festivities in the foyer!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vote in the Pepsi Refresh Project

Support Delta Gamma's own Molly Stroud, Eta Alpha-Pepperdine. Molly (a 2010 DG Convention speaker) is trying to win a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project and needs your help!

Molly started the Kind Campaign, a movement and documentary based upon the powerful belief in KINDness. The Kind Campign brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl "crime".

To help her win the grant follow this link and vote for her project. If she wins she will use the grant money for school programs, a documentary tour, and to start Kind Clubs to spread her message.

DGs love LA!

Ashley Deese (09)
Incoming sophomore, Ashley Deese, currently lives in Los Angeles interning at Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital in the Pediatric Oncology Ward. The extremely hands-on internship allows her to not only learn the ins and outs of the field, but also interact with the patients and doctors.

"It's so amazing. I have learned so many things through this experience about all types of cancers, how they affect the children and their families, different treatments, and about the medial world as a whole. I'm so grateful that I was able to come out here and learn first hand what it is like to work in a hospital. It is just one foot in the door on my way to becoming a doctor, and it's helped me realize that it is exactly what I want to do!"

Of course, we are all so proud of Ashley's ambition and drive -- after all, she just finished her freshman year only three months ago!

Naturally, us DGs love to take advantage of any (and all) opportunities for a little sisterly bonding at the beach, especially Lacey Weis. Two weeks ago, Lacey, a fellow sophomore and Ashley's pledge sister, made her first trip (ever) out to the Golden Coast. Together, the girls visited the DGs at USC, strolled around Hollywood, and even ran into a Mizzou/Mu DG alumnae (05), Megan Jacob!

Ashley Deese (09) & Lacey Weis (09)
Visiting DG at USC!

Megan Jacob (05) & Lacey
Cheers to summertime and sisterly bonding!