Monday, August 30, 2010

Sign up for a Greek Life work group!

The Greek Life offices at The University of Missouri has spent the past few months forming a Strategic Plan based of an assessment from a consultation group who spent time on campus last spring. This assessment was conducted last semester by NPower, an outside consulting agency, as a way to assess the strengths and challenges for our Greek community. Now Greek Life is forming a way to address the Strategic Plan with students. Read the message below to learn how YOU can help!

Message from Greek Life:

In order to manage the next step in the Greek Life strategic plan, we are creating a series of workgroups and meetings that will focus on developing goals and strategies that can lead to positive change within our Greek Community. The purpose of the workgroups will be to address some of the primary concerns listed in the report. Workgroup participants will be asked to develop goals and action plans that will help provide a roadmap for our community. The topics for the workgroups are as follows:

  • Alcohol- Alcohol abuse and topics including lawlessness, fear of tragedy occurring, sexual assault, destruction of property, and hazing
  • Academics- Academic achievement, standards, incentives and recognition
  • NPHC- Overall council identity, governance, and support
  • MGC- Council membership, mission, and support
  • IFC Freshmen Male Experience- Recruitment, education, institutional identity, living requirements
  • PHA Chapter Size- Analyze chapter size, review NPC recommendations
  • Values-Based Community Standards- Standards for every chapter based on values of our community
  • Community Competition- Positive aspects of competition, negative aspects of competition

If you are intrested in being a part of the planning process for Mizzou's Greek Life Strategic Plan, please click the link at the end of this post to fill out the involvement form. The next step will be developing work groups associated with various topics for the upcoming semester.

If this interests you make sure to sign up today - the deadline is September 2nd.

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