Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

So we've made it to Spring Break at last! For the next week Delta Gammas from Mu Chapter will be off on some fun adventures across the country or having a relaxing stay in their hometown.

Here are some of the places you can find us:
Cabo, Mexico
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
South Padre Island, Texas
Austin, Texas
San Diego, California
Panama City, Florida
Destin, Florida
Miami, Florida
Pearlington, Mississippi- Tracy Haden (07) and Kelly Nelson (07) are there with a service

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sisterhood on Wheels

Tonight instead of having a normal chapter meeting the Chapter Management Team surprised members with a spontaneous sisterhood event. Everyone in the house has been working so hard for the past few weeks helping plan and carry out the Mu Chapter Centennial celebration, hosting our Collegiate Development Consultant from DG Nationals, and beginning to prepare for Greek Week that the sisterhood event was a welcome break.
Members went to Empire Roller Rink for an eighties themed roller skating party. Some girls showed up in pretty funny outfits and everyone had fun attempting to skate (or should I say attempting not to fall too much). Girls even played games from the "old days" of roller skating birthday parties; the limbo and the duck dance were major highlights.

Greek Week Blood Drive

So Greek Week is just around the corner. That means that for the second time this year every member of the DG house will be pulling up their sleeves and sacerficing their veins!
This year's Mizzou Greek Week Blood Drive will be a two-day event, held on Tuesday, April 7 from 12-10p.m. and Wednesday, April 8 from 10a.m.- 8p.m. in the University of Missouri's Hearnes Center Fieldhouse. Deferral Day is Monday, April 13 from 10a.m.-5p.m., at the Student Rec Center.

In order to win the blood drive we need a lot of help from alumnae and friends of Delta Gamma. If you want to help and are not in the Columbia area on the 7th or 8th here are some other places and dates you ca donate!
- ST. LOUIS March 23 through April 12 *
- KANSAS CITY March 24 and 27 or April 6 and 10 *
- SPRINGFIELD, MO March 23- April 12
- CAPE GIRARDEAU March 23- April 12
- JEFFERSON CITY March 23- April 12
* each city has multiple locations to donate

Check this site for more details about where and when you can donate:
or email our Greek Week Blood Liaisons Katie Pusateri ( or Heather White ( with any questions you have!

Remember when you donate make sure to say you are giving for Delta Gamma Sorority at Mizzou, we really appreciate all the help and support!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to refresh and restart!

So a new semester at Mizzou is well underway and a new group of DGs are in position. Danielle is handing over some of her "official" blogging duties to new girls. Get excited to be updated about DG Mu Chapter happenings by a variety of new voices. A group of us will all be putting our two cents in about the great work chapter members are doing around campus and within the house!

Here is a quick semester update for all of you who don't have a source within DG at all times...

DG 100
Yup that's right, dear old Delta Gee Mu Chapter turned 100 last weekend. The extended Founder's Day celebration started Thursday night with a formal dinner at the chapter house. We were so lucky that CMT members and DG alum were able to hear special guest Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs speak about Mu Chapter's influence on campus and have her as a dinner guest. Members also spent time socializing with Mu Chapter's Lectureship in Values and Ethics speaker Joan Brock. The next night a dinner for collegians and alum preceded Joan Brock's presentation of her life story "More Than Meets The Eye." The following morning alum and collegians dined together once again at a luncheon that included a "through the decades" fashion show of DG apparel and a performance by the Delta Gamma Centennial Choir. After lunch, all alum were invited to the chapter house for a mock recruitment practice and house tours. An alum dinner later that night split all of the event attendees up by decades so each group could spend time together eating a recalling memories. The weekend finished off with a brunch the next morning and House Corporation meeting attended by all the collegians and some alum. Overall it was a fantastic weekend.
To see pictures go to

RAMS, Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis
DG members once again participated in RAMS, a dance/lip-synch and service competition. Last year DG took first place overall and this year we followed up with a strong showing and earned second place overall! Dancers and lip-synchers preformed to a collection of songs from the musical Grease. Our liaisons Allison Dolan (07) and Brittany Schumate (07) did an excellent job organizing the house for all the RAMS activities and our dance director Annalise Lyons (07) created a really fun routine for a huge group of DG performers.
To see a video of the performance watch the video below!

On March 1 our annual party Pinafore was held. Special Events director Brittany Bloom (07) did an amazing job organizing a great night for all the members and their dates. Girls made funny sailor hats for their dates to wear and everyone loved the pinafore baseball-style shirts designed and organized by director of sportswear Kate Pietroburgo (06). Though some of our scores were not too good, everyone enjoyed bowling and spending the night with their sisters and friends.

There is a lot more from earlier this semester to get updated on, check back soon for some more posts about all the great things that have been happening in our chapter!

- Amanda Klohmann