Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DGs advocate alcohol responsibility

Once again, the ladies of Mu Chapter participated in Alcohol Responsibility Month and GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol).

The women attended a presentation by Judson Laipply, who also spoke at the DG Convention this past summer in Palm Desert. Listening to him speak is such a treat! He taught us about choices and changes in our lives, all the while making us laugh! Check out his page, and don't forget to watch his 'evolution of dance!'

We also participated in the Alcohol Responsibility Walk at Stankowski Field. The 12 hour walk also featured impromptu kickball and volleyball games, an oversized Jenga and Connect Four game, tricycle rides, and of course, free food! It was a beautiful day and the girls had lots of fun!

Anchor Splash 2008 is coming!

The women of Mu Chapter held their annual Anchor Splash on September 22- September 26. Participating fraternities serenaded the DeeGees on their front lawn. During these serenades, th men prepare skits, songs, and dances to entertain the ladies. Throughout the week, you could find banners hanging in front of frternity houses and Delta Gammas collecting money at our 'most beautiful eyes' tables across campus. 

Wednesday evening, we hosted our annual Lectureship in Values and Ethics featuring Jeff Corwin. Corwin spoke to a sold out audience in Jesse Auditorium about conservation and his time spent with animals in the wild. The women of Delta Gamma were lucky enough to join Corwin at the Upper Crust for a dinner before the presentation, and also afterwards for a dessert reception at the chapter house. Even though Corwin had been up for hours, he took time to talk to every girl, and even stopped to take pictures with everyone.
Corwin was an excellent addition to our long list of great speakers. Special thanks to the lectureship committee (which included Mu chapter members, Amanda Klohmann (07), Danielle Hohmeier (05), Laura Schneider (06), and Chelsea Johnson(05)), MSA, ORG, and all the alumnae who helped make the event possible!

Anchor Splash wrapped up Friday night with the Plunge, a synchronized swimming and relay race competition held at the ARC in Columbia. The fraternity men dressed in costume and danced on the deck before jumping into the pool to form giant anchors and do the DG salute. Themes included cowboys, candy, Grease, and even Hannah Montana- boy are these guys creative! Very special thanks goes to Laura Schneider, our director of Anchor Splash, for planning such a great event!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Royal DGs

Can you believe homecoming preparations are already underway? Of course the lovely ladies of Delta Gee have already been pomping the house decs, designing the float, and signing up for the blood drive, but another homecoming honor will soon be decided. 

The honor of being Homecoming Royalty means filling out a tough application and going through round after round of interviews. The following women were nominated by their sisters (an honor in itself!) to apply for this honor:

Liz Casanova
Amanda Glennon
Chelsea Johnson
Hillary Overfelt
Libby Preiss

Chelsea and Hillary both went on to first round interviews, and Hillary continued on to the second round. We are so proud of all these women! Thank you for representing DG so well at MU!

Anchor Splash underway!

Monday night, the lovely Dee Gee's were serenaded by men from eight fraternities. 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the women will be all across campus collecting money for our philanthropy through the 'Most Beautiful Eyes' contest. Each fraternity on campus has a cup with eyes on it and people drop money into the cup who they think has the most beautiful eyes. The fraternity with the most money earns points towards their total Anchor Splash score. 

There is also a banner competition, merchandise sales, and the king candidate interviews to add into the fraternities overall score. The BIG event- the PLUNGE- will be held Friday at the ARC in Columbia, Mo. 

This just in!

We are about to SELL OUT Jesse Auditorium for Wednesday's Lectureship featuring Jeff Corwin! If you don't have tickets yet, you better run to get one before they are gone!

You don't want to miss this!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DG Sports

DG Sports is headed for victory once again! Our soccer team is undefeated right now, beating Kappa Kappa Gamma 5-4 last week, and shutting out Kappa Alpha Theta 4-0 this week! Congrats girls!

Also congrats to our many MU Athletes representing DG!

Amanda Klohmann and Whitney Sedler- MU Club Soccer
Jen Didion- MU Waterski
Lindsay Haupt and Madison Marcolla- MU Women's Golf
Laura Ikemeier- MU Club Volleyball

Way to be awesome Delta Gammas!

Anchor Splash 2008 is coming!

It has been a very busy fall semester for the Mu Chapter DG's- hitting the books, preparing for first round exams, cheering on our football team to three straight wins (Go Tigers!), and getting ready for Homecoming 2008!

But we are also preparing for somethign else very important to us- Anchor Splash 2008!

Each fall, the women of Mu chapter of Delta Gamma at the University of Missouri hold their annual philanthropy, Anchor Splash, to benefit Service for Sight. The event consists of clothing sales, serenades, a Most Beautiful Eyes fundraiser, and it all culminates with The Plunge- a synchronized swimming competition. The week also includes the annual Delta Gamma Foundation Lectureship on Values and Ethics. Since 1998, the Lectureship has brought notable speakers to the campus to discuss the University’s four values- Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence.

This year’s Anchor Splash starts Monday, September 22, 2008, and ends with The Plunge on Friday, September 26, 2008. The Lectureship will bring Animal Planet star, Jeff Corwin, to campus on Wednesday, September 24, 2008. The women of Mu Chapter invite you to join us for these events!

Last year, fourteen fraternities and one sorority participated in Anchor Splash, and we were able to bring Christopher Gardner, author of Pursuit of Happyness, to campus. Between Anchor Splash, Lectureship, and donations from the chapter, we were able to send over $15 thousand dollars to Service for Sight, which works with various organizations nationwide to support aid to the blind, vision preservation, schools for the visually impaired, and guide dog trainings.

We are so excited about Anchor Splash and Lectureship this year, and would love for ALL of you to join us!

If you are interested in donating, please send donations to Laura Schneider at 1408 Wilson Ave., Apt #1, Columbia MO 65201. Donations are due September 21, 2008.

Monday, September 1, 2008

69 Lovely New Members!

This year's Formal Recruitment ended with Bid Day on August 23, 2008, and the women of Mu chapter extended invitations to 69 beautiful young ladies. We are so proud to have our new DG babies!
On Bid Day, members of all 13 sororities join on the quad, as the women going through recruitment gather in front of Jesse Hall. The girls are handed their bid cards and on the count of three, they rip them open and run to their new sisters.
Check out The Maneater story about this year's recruitment (including a picture of new member Lexie Hays!).
Here is a list of our new members:

Afa, Hillary
Alexander, Courtney
Alves, Sabrina
Andrews, Kelsey
Bartlett, Mary Kate
Becker, Claire
Bergmann, Kathryn
Bolen, Brooke
A 2010 PI CHI
Bradshaw, Molly
Cavallaro, Sami
Clay, Molly
Faerber, Stephanie
Finney, Sally
Fischer, Krista
Francis, Katie
Funderburk, Allie
Graham, Kate
Grawe, Morgan
Griswold, Julie
Groomes, Allie
Hance, Breanna
Harper, Hayley
Hays, Lexie
Higgins, Megan
Horan, Amy
Horan, Michelle
Jackson, Katie
Kimes, Kaeli
Kuphall, Jenna
Larsen, Rebecca
Lawler, Siobhan
Lee, Nicole
Lein, Ashley
Lowe, Mallory
Lum, Sarah
McClelland, Carolyn
McHenry, Hannah
Mertens, Jayme
Meyer, Shayli
Mindel, Kelly
Mitchell, Liz
Murar, Vicky
Murphy, Krista
Nachtsheim, Tracey
Niekamp, Laura
Nolen, Chelsea
Nyhan, Taylor
Paffenroth, Alexandra
Palazzolo, Antionette
Peck, Ashton
Phipps, Lindsey
Pietroburgo, Jamie
Price, Hannah
Rasch, Stephanie
Rinas, Laura
Roope, Gracey
Samborski, Michelle
Schamel, Ellie
Schuppan, Brooke
Shelly, Beth
Simon, Chelsea
Southern, Brooke
Sullivan, Erin
A 2010 PI CHI
Termini, Vanessa
Tucker, Sarah
White, Heather
Yehling, Taylor

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We’re Back!

Today was move-in day at the lovely Delta Gamma house! Tomorrow starts ‘Work Week,’ when we prepare for PHA Formal Recruitment. Recruitment starts Monday, August 18- so get your sponsor forms in ASAP! Sponsor forms can be sent to the house at 900 S Providence, Columbia, MO 65201, ATTN: Anne Liebman.

While we are sad that our summer break is over, it is great to be back in Columbia with all of our sisters! Have a great summer story you want to share? Post it in the comments below!

And if want to read about my great summer trip to California for the DG Convention check out the previous post, California Dreaming!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

DG Gets Social

The Fraternity has finally jumped on the social networking bandwagon, joining such giants as MySpace and Facebook.

myDG is a secure, online community that allows you to stay connected with their sisters all over the world. It also gives you access to tons of resources that will make their DG life a lot easier- like news updates, forms, calendars, etc.

myDG is only for DGs, so you know it is a safe network to search for sisters and help maintain that constant bond we pledge when we are initiated!

myDg is very easy to use- just go to the (newly revamped!) DG International Website and click on the ‘myDG’ icon. You will then be taken through a simple registration process (if you were already an ‘Anchored Area’ user, you can go ahead and use that log in).

Go ahead and log on today!

…and then add me as your friend!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

California Dreaming

I just returned from beautiful (and HOT) Palm Desert, California, where the 63rd biennial convention of Delta Gamma Fraternity was held.

Mu Honors
-Not one, but TWO members elected to Executive Council! Congratulations Debbie Seebold Evans (Finance) and Shaun Fisher Young (Membership).
-Second largest chapter (first was Alpha Psi, Mississippi)
-Region 5 recognition of our Golden Anchor Program
-Region 5 Excellence in Philanthropy Fundraising Award
-Columbia Area Alumnae Chapter received an Alumnae Excellence Award

Mu Representatives
Mu Chapter was very well represented in Palm Desert! I am going to try to name as many of us as possible, but I know I will forget some people. If I forgot you, or someone you know, please leave the name in the comments!

Danielle Hohmeier, Mu Chapter President (pictured)
Tonya Dimmit, Mu ATC (pictured)
Katie Lampitt, Columbia Area Alumnae President (pictured)
Debbie Evans, VP Finance (pictured)
Shaun Young, VP Membership (pictured)
Carrie Stith, Eta Theta- St.Louis ATC (pictured)
Jackie Bergquist, Tau- Iowa ATC (pictured)
Donna Hulett, Region 5 Director (pictured)
Lisa Bowles, Region 5 Collegiate Recruitment Specialist (pictured)
Marcia Werremeyer, Region 5 Alumnae Specialist
Lori Loethen, Region 2 Finance Specialist (pictured)
Kary Bachert, Dir. Collegiate Programming
Mary Kay Chapel, Region 5 Finance Specialist
Mary Jo Carver, Region 6 Housing Director

What I learned in Palm Dessert
-Ontario, CA, does not always mean Canada. It could be talking about Ontario, California.
-Hypnosis is fun!
-Judson Laipply is great! Hire him as a speaker!
-Life may not always be the party you hoped for, but while you’re here you might as well dance.
-It isn’t fun when its 97 degrees at 4am. Or 118 degrees in the afternoon.
-Guide dogs are awesome.
-Networking isn’t just for your career- it’s for your life. Surround yourself with people that can not only get you a better job, but get you a better life!
-The DG Foundation does amazing things.
-Steve Ford (President Gerald Ford’s son) is a really great speaker and we should have him at our Lectureship someday!
-It’s okay to be skeptical of desserts named after geometric shapes. Or covered in weird clear gel…
-Sabrina Bryan is really nice! And she was VP Social Standards (just like me)!
-Try to stay at the JW Mariott in Palm Desert. But not when you don’t get any time to enjoy the pool. And not when it is 115 degrees outside.
-Its really great meeting other DGs from around the globe! It doesn’t matter where you are from or how old you are, you already have this instant bond!
-Everyone should go to Convention someday! It is a really cool experience to see DG work at this level! Start planning now for Denver 2010!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the champions... of the WORLD!

Well, not exactly the world, more like Mizzou RecSports.

On Sunday, our DG Soccer Team, already the reigning champions of the Greek Intramural league, played against the champions from the non-Greek league.

We were already a number of players down, and our Director of Activities, Elaine Beck, who is one of our strongest players, sat out because she wasn't feeling well. The girls played the whole game keeping the score at 0-0. We've gone into penalty kicks before, with some success, but no one ever wants to be under that type of pressure!

The referee announced that there was less than a minute remaining, so the team started hustling. They got the ball to freshman Jen Didion, one of our fatsest players, and sure enough she scored! The score was now 1-0, and when they lined back up, the referee announced 15 seconds left. We knew we had won!

This final win makes the Delta Gamma soccer team the best female soccer team in all of RecSports! Congratulations girls!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS!

Congrats to the DG Soccer team for bringing home a victory tonight in the Intramural Soccer Championships!

We beat Kappa Alpha Theta 1-0, making us the best soccer female soccer team in Greektown! Big thanks to all the fans, especially the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda, for coming out to support the team!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going to the 'ship!

The DG Soccer team is going to the Championship for intramural soccer!!

Tonight, in the semi-finals, we played Delta Delta Delta and beat them 2-1. Now it is on to the championship Thursday night!

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DG honored at Greek Honors Night

Tonight was the annual Greek Honors Night which awards chapters in areas of service, leadership, wellness, programming, scholarship, and overall excellence. Mu chapter proudly walked away with two awards- the Leadership Within Award and the Director's Cup.

The Leadership Within Award recognizes a strong executive board. The Director's Cup is one of six trophies awarded during the night (and we have one of them!). DG was one of only three other chapters to walk away with a Cup, out of all 13 PHA chapters at MU.

Applications for these awards were submitted early in the semester, so they do not include any of the great things we have done so far (i.e. any of the great things you read on this blog!).

I cannot express how proud I am to lead this amazing group of young women who do so much for the chapter, the fraternity, the campus, and the community. Accepting these awards on their behalf was truly an honor!

Spring cleaning has begun!

BIG thank you to Elise Friede and A 2009 Pi Chi for cleaning out our messy costume closet this afternoon!

Our closet was getting out of control! It was filled with random costumes from past Homecoming, Greek Week, and Recruitment skits, with the random purchases from Fraternity serenades and Halloween costumes thrown in.

The girls, who don't even live in the house, stopped by on this beautiful, sunny afternoon to clean it out! Thank you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Greek Education Leaders Announced!

Congratulations to the following DG's who were selected as New Greek Education leaders for Fall 2008:
Amanda Klohmann
A 2009 Pi Chi
Kathryn Orr
Kandis McClure

New Greek Education (or NGE) is a program that all new members of the Greek Community participate in each fall. They cover topics such as relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, body image, and time management. 

Friday, April 18, 2008

We love successful alums!

We recently recieved an email from Maria Murnane, a Gamma chapter alum (UC Berkeley), telling us about a new book she just published! It is called"Perfect on Paper"and it's about a single woman in San Francisco whose life is hardly perfect. She says the target audience is any woman who has ever had a really bad date or realized halfway through the work day that her skirt is on backwards (come on, we've all been there once or twice... or ten times).

Here is a synopsis:
Anything can look perfect…on paper.

When her fiancĂ© calls off their wedding at the last minute, Waverly Bryson wonders if her life will ever turn out the way she thought it would…or should. Her high-powered job in sports PR? Not so perfect. Her relationship with her dad? Far from it. Her perfect marriage? Enough said.

'Perfect...on Paper' is a humorous tale of Waverly’s efforts to cobble the pieces of a broken yesterday into a brand new tomorrow. What does the future have in store for her? Will she finally find what she’s looking for?

Sound interesting? Here is a link to the Amazon page. And for all you Facebook users, here is a link to the group fan page.

Any other alums want to spread the word about soemthing (anything!) on our blog? Let us know!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Greek Week update!

Greek Week 2008 isn't over yet- but here is an update!

: We lost our first game in soccer in penalty kicks! Tough loss, but we put up a good fight! (In other news, DG continues to dominate in regular season intramural soccer. This past week, they shut out Kappa Delta 5-0)

Kickball: Lost our first match. 

Chad 5K: The Chad 5K was held last Saturday morning, and it was freezing! It even started to snow! But that did not stop our girls from running! We had 3 girls finish right up in the front (at least within the top 15 for girls)- Kelli Rogers, Danielle Livingston, and Katie Pusateri. Great job girls! 
Basketball: We were all psyched to see our girls play again, after a successful regular season. We came out in full spirit- with costumes, posters, even 'noodles' with our letters on them. We won our first game against Pi Beta Phi, and our girls played awesome! At on point, we were up by 20 points! We lost the second game against Kappa, but again, our girls put in a good fight!

Tug-o-War: What an event! It was freezing outside last Sunday afternoon, and we were all tired from Formal, but girls came out to tug away! The event was a best out of three for the girls, and then best out of three for boys. Un fortunately, most of the girls we had were tiny- and the other sororities easily pulled us down, but the KA and AEPi boys did great! In our first round against Alpha Chi Omega, the girls lost, but then the boys redeemed us. We went into 'overtime', where four girls and four guys from each team tugged together. It was tough, but we were victorious. In our second match up, we lost, but our guys put up a good fight. This was a really great bonding event for the guys and girls, because we got to compete together and everyone cheered the 'tuggers' on. By far, my favorite Greek Week event this year!
Fling: Fling prelims were Wednesday night, and boy- did DG represent! Not only did we have a great 'Inspector Gadget' inspired skit (way to go skitters and dancers!), but we also had two dancers in the production dance (Libby Preiss and Sara Liechti), singers in an in-between act (Lindsay Niday and Lindsay Short), and our wonderful house mom Chris in an in-between act with the other 'House Mom Hotties' (she was the hottest though!)! And, the Greek Week Steering Committee's Fling Director was Hillary Overfelt, another DG! Way to represent girls!

Service: We have been doing great in service! Last weekend, a group of girls volunteered at Special Olympics' 'Victory Village' in a Canadian-themed booth. We also collected a ton of cans for the blood drive- way more than the required amount. We also delivered 11 baskets to the neccesities drive, instead of the normal 4 or 5. Way to show what Greek Week is really about!
Blood: We did great in the blood drive this year. The blood committee, lead by liaison Laura Schneider, made sure they called or text messaged everyone the night before reminding them of their blood time, and we even had shuttles running to and from the Hearnes Center all day giving people rides. Great job blood committee!

Like I said, Greek Week is NOT over! We still have Flag Football and Volleyball this weekend! Wish us luck!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Come hungry, Leave happy

The DGs at Mizzou should borrow IHOP's marketing slogan from now on! We all know we love to eat, and the last couple of Sundays we have had the pleasure of eating together with our sisters! 

DG had started 'Sunday' dinners at the house about a year ago. The 'food chairs' are given money to get food for in house girls to eat as their Sunday dinner. Although the program is limited to girls that live in the house and annex, it has been pretty successful. We have had food like Jimmy John's, Subway, Olive Garden, and even Taco Bell!

The last couple of weeks, however, we opened the dinners up to the entire chapter, making it an official sisterhood event. A couple of weeks ago we got 'Wild about Sisterhood' at our first sisterhood dinner and ate Buffalo Wild Wings. This Sunday, we traveled to the far east for a wonderful chinese buffet from Hong Kong. 

Good thing we ordered a lot of food, because our basement was packed with girls! Special thanks to all of the sophomores who helped organize the events!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Preparing for Greek Week!

Preparations for this year's Greek Week are well under way. This year we are paired with the men of Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Epsilon Pi, and we couldn't be more excited! 

As you know, our sports teams have been doing exceptionally well in their regular seasons! On Saturday, we lost our first Greek Week event, kickball, but still have soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tug-o-war to make up for it!

This week was the annual blood drive, and we did great! The blood committee did an amazing job reminded people of when they were supposed to go and we even had a shuttle running between the Hearnes Center and campus for the full two days! Thanks to all the girls who helped out!

Skitters and dancers have been practicing hard to get ready for the big show Wednesday at Jesse! Our theme is Inspector Gadget! Here are a couple behind the scene pics from practice!

Want to see more? You'll have to wait! Look out for more Greek Week updates, coming soon!

DG Soccer winning streak continues!

We continued our winning streak tonight in our third soccer game of the season. We played against our neighbors, Alpha Phi, and won 3-1. Goals were scored by freshman Emily Donoho, Jen Didion, and 2009 Pi Chi. Great game girls!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DGs volunteer at Children's Vision Summit

Last Wednesday, we volunteered at the Children's Vision Summit held at the Holiday Inn Express. It was a convention for the parents and teachers of blind and visually impaired children. Attendees were able to sit in on speakers about a variety of different topics concerning the visually impaired. For example, on the agenda were speakers on new instructional materials, ways of teaching mathematics to students with visual impairments, an overview of visual rehabilitation, and orientation and mobility skills training. Vendors came from all over to present new technology, books, and learning devices to those who attended the conference with their children.

Kelli Rogers (vp Foundation) contacted Steve Berman, who helped organize the summit, and he was very excited to have the help of Delta Gamma at the event. Kelli arrived with 10 girls at 8:00am to help set up booths for the vendors, carry in their products, and check guests in at the registration desk. Throughout the day, we had four different shifts of 8-10 girls come to help out. Steve had us sit at his booth with a variety of braille books so that we could interact with guests. We were also in charge of the door prize booth, where we picked winning numbers and got to present guests with gifts such as magnetic braille, talking mathematical tools, and braille books. It was really neat to speak with different organizations who came to the summit. Kelli had women come up to her from both the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired in Kansas City and the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments in St. Louis to say how much the Delta Gammas in those areas have helped them. I was glad we were there to represent Mizzou DG!

DG's rock Pikestock

Each semester, we participate in two fraternity's philanthropy events, and this semester we picked Pi Kappa Alpha's Pikestock and Delta Upsilon's Campus Town Races. 

Pikestock, a sand volleyball game and concert, was held at the beginning of March. They just released the results, and DG placed 4th in the queen candidate interviews, 3rd in the serenade, and 1st in banner. Our queen candidates were Abby Shearer ('06) and Katie Sullivan ('05), and our director of banners is Tori Thompson ('07). Thanks to these girls, and all the girls who participated in the serenade, for earning us some top spots! 

DU's Campus Town Races is a go-kart tournament that takes place later this month. Be on the look out for news about that event!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mom's Weekend 2008

This weekend our Mom's came to visit for some much needed mother-daughter bonding time. On Friday, we went to Deja Vu comedy club for the 'Full Impact' comedy team. The two comedians focused mainly on crowd interaction, even pulling some of the moms and girls up on stage! Afterwards, we went to the Elm Street Ballroom and The Upper Crust for a wine and dessert bar. The desserts were amazing, and there was even a chocolate fountain! Saturday morning, we were back at The Upper Crust for brunch, and girls also got the chance to visit the house. On the main floor we had vendors selling jeans, jewelry, and purses, and in the basement we had our annual silent auction. Mom's contribute items for the auction and all of the money comes right back to their daughters. We usually use the money to purchase something on our 'house wish list'. Although Columbia hasn't seen much sun the last couple weeks, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and most girls spent the afternoon shopping or out at the winery with their moms. The weekend was a great opportunity for moms to see the house, the campus, and meet all of their daughters' friends. Thanks for coming to visit us!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Soccer team continues winning streak

Basketball may have just ended a few weeks ago, but the DG soccer team is picking up the winning streak, staying undefeated after their first two games. They shut out Chi Omega in their first game, winning 4-0.  Tonight, they played the women of Alpha Delta Pi. After two scoreless halves, they went into penalty kicks. Each team was allowed five kicks, and DG ended up winning 2-1. Congrats girls!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From emcee to Tri-Director

Congratulations to junior Meghan Kuryla, who was recently named one of the tri-directors for RAMS!

As you know, Meghan was the emcee at RAMS' Rock It event last month. She has served on the Rock It steering committee for the last two years. 

Other directors include Shawn Sahota (Beta Theta Pi) and Julie Crow (Kappa Alpha Theta).

DG Basketball ends their successful season

The DG basketball team’s season ended tonight with a loss to Kappa Alpha Theta. The girls had a great season and we loved watching them every week! Here are some pictures from our final game.

 Thanks for a great season girls! Good luck in Greek Week!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DG Basketball advances!

Congrats to the DG Basketball team!

Last night, the team beat Pi Beta Phi to advance into the second round of finals! It was a really close game, but, of course, our girls pulled through in the end!

Next Tuesday they play Kappa Alpha Theta at 7pm. If they win, they will play again on Wednesday at 7pm. Come out and support the team!

Our wonderful alumnae help a sister in need

When Nikki Peterson, Gamma Beta – Tulsa, and her mother were driving through Columbia, MO en route to the University Hospital where Nikki’s husband was a patient, they passed the Mu chapter house on Providence Road.  Seeing the anchor above the door gave Nikki’s mom an idea that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with local alumnae.

Nikki’s husband had spent the past month in the hospital in Joplin, MO, where doctors were unable to diagnose his illness so he was transferred to Columbia for observation.  While he was in ICU, Nikki slept on chairs in the lounge.  Her mother thought that perhaps Nikki could at least do laundry at the chapter house so she called Executive Offices in Columbus for more information. She was referred to alumnae chapter president Suzy Warren Westfall, Beta Kappa – Kansas.  That’s when things began to happen.

Suzy contacted alumnae who sprang into action: setting up a bank account for financial contributions, sharing meals with her daily and providing comfort and support, and yes, help doing her laundry! 

“Someone is with her every day to have coffee, share a meal or just keep her company” said alumnae president-elect Katie Row Lampitt, Mu – Missouri.

 Although her husband has been moved to a regular hospital room with more comfortable sleeping arrangements for Nikki, his diagnosis is still undetermined.  While he seems to be improving, he will remain hospitalized until he is able to travel home to Baxter Springs, Kansas.  In the meantime, the wonderful Delta Gammas in the area continue to help. 

 If you would like more information, contact Katie Lampitt at klampitt@socket.net or Suzy Westfall at sdwestfall@hotmail.com.

Monday, March 10, 2008

99th Founders Day Celebration

This weekend Mu Chapter celebrated its 99th Founders Day celebration at the University of Missouri. A handful of alumnae and members of the chapter gathered together at Memorial Union and enjoyed a delicious brunch catered by the University Club. Kandis McClure, Director of Alumnae Relations, did an amazing job planning the event!

Collegiate Award winners:
Biggest Heart: Liz Brown, Kristen Delaney, Katie Sullivan, Chelsea Kladiva
Sunshine: Alyssa Slater, Anne Liebman, Taylor Berry, Jamison Miles
Tough Cookie: Amanda Klohman, Laura Schneider, Andrea Lindner, Lesley Neikirk
Anchor Lady: Tori Thompson, Katie Kennaley, Danielle Hohmeier, Nicole Rasch
MVP: Emily Donoho, Hilary Overfelt, Meghan Kuryla, Annie Haden 

At the event, we were lucky enough to have two alumnae speak about lifetime membership in Delta Gamma. It was even more special that they were in the same pledge family (mother and daughter)!

Marcia reminded us of why we were there by talking about our the three women who founded our Fraternity so many years ago. It is so strange to think that their little club has grown into an international organization! Being an involved alumnae, she also spoke about the importance of lifetime membership. 

Our second speaker, Marcia's pledge daughter, was Mu Chapter ATC, Katie Lampitt. Although Katie's speech focused on lifetime membership in Delta Gamma and all that you can gain from it, her speech was bittersweet because she announced to the chapter that her, along with her daughters, Kim and Suzanne, will no longer be serving the chapter as ATC. The three women have given so much of their time to our chapter and have gained the respect and admiration of the girls. At the end of the brunch, Kandis presented each of the three with a golden anchor flower arrangement and at that time the whole room stood and gave them a standing ovation. It is truly a testament to how much of an impact these three have made on the women of Mu Chapter!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Basketball team makes it to the finals!

Our DG intramural basketball team is on the way to the finals after winning three of their four games this season. They beat Chi Omega, Alpha Chi Omega, and Kappa Delta, only losing to the number one team in the league, Alpha Delta Pi (but only by three points)!

Their first game in the finals is against Pi Beta Phi on March 12th. 

First Place OVERALL winners in RAMS

RAMS stands for Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis and is an event held at MU every year. And this year, DG WON FIRST PLACE OVERALL!
RAMS consists of many events, including service events, a banner competition, a comedy night at Deja Vu, speakers on Multiple Sclerosis, a 'jail n' bail' event, and Rock It, a lip sync competition. DG beat out the other thirteen sororities, claiming the first place title for themselves!
Rock It is definitely the most popular RAMS event. This year it was held at the Blue Note downtown. Each participating group does a dance/lip sync and every year it gets better! This year, DG performed songs from 'Legally Blonde: The Musical' and our pink-infused routine earned us a place in the finals. Besides our lip sync performance, Hillary Overfelt performed an IBA (in between act) where she sang 'A Whole New World,' and Meghan Kuryla was the MC for the competition (that is her in the beginning of the video in the blue dress!). Check out our lip sync performance!
We are all so proud of all the girls that participated in RAMS and helped us win!

Founders Day and meetings with Alumnae

This weekend will be a weekend for alumnae! We have meetings for the 100th Anniversary that is coming up next spring as well as a meeting to discuss speakers for next fall's Lectureship. And on Sunday, we have our annual Founders Day celebration at Memorial Union at 11am. If you are an alumnae interested in attending, leave us a comment and let us know!


This past Saturday, we had our annual Pinafore party at the bowling alley. We all wear matching T-shirts and decorate sailor hats for our dates. Everyone had a really great time! Special thanks to Jessica Halloran, our director of Special Events for planning a great night! Here are some pictures from the event, but to see a full album, check out Mu Chapter's website. 

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the DG at Mizzou blog! Hopefully this will be a great way to bridge the gap between collegians, alumnae, parents, and others out in our community! 

It is already March and we have had a really busy couple of months! In just the first two weeks of school, officers attended a training in KC, I went on a retreat with all the other Greek Presidents, AND we had our CDC, Jessica, come visit us! Oh, and of course, our rescheduled SemiFormal at the Upper Crust downtown!