Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DG honored at Greek Honors Night

Tonight was the annual Greek Honors Night which awards chapters in areas of service, leadership, wellness, programming, scholarship, and overall excellence. Mu chapter proudly walked away with two awards- the Leadership Within Award and the Director's Cup.

The Leadership Within Award recognizes a strong executive board. The Director's Cup is one of six trophies awarded during the night (and we have one of them!). DG was one of only three other chapters to walk away with a Cup, out of all 13 PHA chapters at MU.

Applications for these awards were submitted early in the semester, so they do not include any of the great things we have done so far (i.e. any of the great things you read on this blog!).

I cannot express how proud I am to lead this amazing group of young women who do so much for the chapter, the fraternity, the campus, and the community. Accepting these awards on their behalf was truly an honor!


Anonymous said...

Wow! DG is really "Doing Good"

chelsea said...

props girl! thank goodness we have a j-school nerd as our prez who can write all those amazing and undoubtedly time-consuming essays that win us awards! oh and I GUESS the rest of the house had something to do with it too...

casssssie said...

DANIELLE YOU ARE THE BOMB. yes, i just said the bomb. we love you, thanks for all your hard work in getting us recognized!!!!