Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet the Seniors: Alli Bailes

Alli Bailes

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri
Major: Journalism (Strategic Commuications)
Dream Job: Food Critic

Past DG Involvement
Foundation Crew
Decorations for Recruitment 2009

Other Group Affiliations
MOJO Ad Media Planner
Arts & Science Student Ambassador
RAMS Steering Committee
Pi Chi 2008
Advertising Club

Year in College: Sophomore
Class: Intro to Art
Experience Outside of DG: Europe, Winter Intercession 2008
DG Lunch: Tacos, obviously
DG Dessert: That one thing with all of the ice cream sandwiches on top of each other
Location within DG: Annex
DG Fling Performance: Inspector Gadget
DG RAMS Performance: Legally Blonde
Spring Break Experience: Panama City...twice. Surprisingly just as good the 2nd time around

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"I'd probably live in the journalism school... wait, I do. Well, I guess I'd spend even more time there and live an extremely boring life."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?
"Seeing a friendly face on campus every day, knowing that there is always food waiting to be eaten downstairs at the house, every study sesh in the Heritage Room... all of it."

"Let's fail all of our classes and stay here for another year! Just kidding... we know DGs only get A's." 

Meet the Seniors: Cassie May

Cassie May

Hometown: San Diego, California
Major: Journalism (Magazine)
Dream Job: Having a major influence in the entertainment/publishing world 
Twitter/Website: @cassielynnmay/ www.cassielynnmay.com

Past DG Involvement
Blog Contributor (2008-2010)
Director of Public Relations (2008-09)
Bid Day Planner(2008)
Formal Recruitment "Dungeon Girl" (2008)
VP Member Education (2007-08)
RAMS Lip-Syncer (2008)
Pomp Liaison, Homecoming (2007)
New Member Mentor (2007)
Soccer (2006-08)

Other Group Affiliations
George C. Brooks Scholar
Mizzou J-School New York Program
Designer for VOX Magazine, Columbia
Editorial Intern at M Magazine, NYC
1st Place, SSND College News Design Contest

Year in College: Junior
Class/Teacher: Advanced Magazine Design Capstone w/ Jan Colbert
Experience Outside of DG: Spending last summer interning in NYC
DG Lunch: I looooove the salad bar with all of my heart
DG Dessert: Um...whatever that 18-layer strawberry cake thing was
Location within DG: Annex
DG Fling Performance: Greek Week 2008... that Inspector Gadget performance was insane
DG RAMS Performance: Legally Blonde
Spring Break Experience: The craziness that happened in PCB both freshman & sophomore year

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"This is embarrassing, but I'd probably be living in small town Missouri with my underwhelming ex-boyfriend, wondering "what if" for the rest of my life."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?
"Uh...unfortunately, everything. DG made my college experience the most amazing time of my life, and it's going to be incredibly difficult making new memories & relationships that will compare. The girls that I've come to love with all of my heart are so incredibly beautiful, inside and out, and I am just so sad to have to say goodbye to them."

"We managed to be far more obsessed with each other than any other pledge class probably ever has or ever will...and I wouldn't have it any other way. RMD, I love you all." 

Anchora Summer Edition

It's summer - so we know our favorite town of Columbia, MO has emptied out - current Mu members and alum can be found across the world (check out this post to find out where exactly). If you are not spending much time at your home address or on 900 S. Providence, then you may have missed out on the latest edition of the Anchora.

Good news... you now have access to the Anchora anytime from anywhere. All you need is a computer and this link - and you are set! The most recent issue is all about summer and the biggest event of the Delta Gamma summer, Convention 2010. Check it out and remember to submit your DG summer vacation and meet-up pics to the Anchora's editors.

Anchora Fast Facts:

In its 126th year, the ANCHORA of Delta Gamma is the official publication of Delta Gamma Fraternity.

The mission of the ANCHORA is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire readers on subjects relevant to the Fraternity, its members and Greek life; to encourage members' lifetime involvement and "Do Good" spirit; and to serve as a permanent record of Fraternity history.

The ANCHORA has been published continually since 1884.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it football season yet?

Are you ready for September 4th?

No, it's not our Founder's Day or the first day of classes - September 4th is the date of the first Tiger's football game of the season! So, for you sports fans out there who are already getting excited, make sure to get your tickets and start scouting good tailgating locations!

Mu Chapter members, we will arrange group seating as usual, but for right now, make sure to get your tickets before they are sold out - group seating sign-ups to come later. Go to this link to purchase your student season ticket combo!

Below, enjoy the new 'We Are Mizzou' commercial featuring the 2010 Mizzou Tiger's team and also check out some Mu members in full black and gold.

Allie Groomes (08) and Veronica Parks (07) posing with the perfect car for Tigers fans!

Ali Dennis (09), Kaeli Kimes (08) and Courtney Alexander (08) - Mu's favorite Golden Girls.

Alexandra Paffenroth (08) and Vanessa Termini (08) wearing the Mu Chapter football shirt.

A 2010 Pi Chi, A true Tiger fan, Mamey Roope (09), and Kelly Schmiedeskamp (09) pose at the gates of Faurot Field.

DGs before a game - check out Gracey Roope's (08) hat!

Members of the 2007 pledge class ready for some football.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

DG Do Gooder - July

Delta Gamma teaches us to live by the motto Do Good - so in effort to share about all of the good Mu is doing in the community and on our campus, we are going to start monthly posts about our members who are true Do Gooders and exemplify what it really means to Do Good.

So who has the honor of being our very first Do Gooder? Read below to find out...

Name: Catherine Beehler

Pledge Class: 2009

Why she was chosen: Catherine has a busy summer - she is working, taking a summer school class, AND volunteering at two different hospitals. Her hospital work lets her help patients and get great work experience that will help her when she is a nurse someday.

In her own words: "I am volunteering at Menorah Medical Hospital in outpatient registration where I check in patients who are coming in for surgerys, ultrasounds, cardiac rehab, blood draws, etc. Pretty much if you go into the hospital to get anything done to you, I check these people in. I am also in the oncology office where I deliver labs, wheel patients to destinations, make patient charts, file patient information etc.

The other hospital is Saint Lukes South Medical Center and I volunteer in the emergency room. This is alot more hands on and it is very active and busy. I organize all the medical materals they use on patients during a medical emergency, clean beds and surrounding areas after a procedure, and check on patients if they need anything. I also get to sit in and watch procedures that are being done on patients and watch the doctor nurse interaction with them which is really cool!

My experience in the hospitals has been great! I have really enjoyed being in a hospital atmosphere and watching how much compassion there is and how every employee or volunteer has a friendly positive attitude putting the patients health and saftey first. It has been an eye opening experience of what goes on in hospitals and confirmed the reason why I wanted to go into nursing!"

Where in the World is Mu?

Coco Chanel said a girl should be two things - classy and fabulous. Mu Chapter agrees, but we think Coco may have forgotten something. A girl should be classy, fabulous and a world traveler! Check out these Mu members who are spending their summers in some of the world's most fabulous cities (besides Columbia of course).

Liz Brown (07) - Brussels

Sabrina Alves (08) - Marocco

Bridget Breheny (07) and Brooke Sturgeon (07) - Spain

Vicky Murar (08) and Lexie Hays (08) - Spain

Lauren Matteson (07) - Italy

Katie Jackson (08) - Prague

Sarah Tucker (08), Emily Donoho (07), Lauren O'Brien (07) - Prague

Morgan Mitchell (07), Amanda Klohmann (07), and Jenner Smith (09) - NYC

Lexie Hays (08) and Lauren Hays (07) - Alicante

Krista Fischer (08) and Amy Voloto (09) - Rome

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A mile above the rest!

Delta Gamma members from across the globe gathered in Denver, Colorado, from June 17-20, to conduct the biennial business of the Fraternity and Foundation. Mu's Chapter President and Advisory Team Chairman made the trip to Denver to represent the chapter. They were joined by many Mu alum including Columbia Alumni Chapter President Katie Lampitt, Regional Collegiate Specialist Jackie Bergquist, Regional Recruitment Specialist Lisa Bowels, and Lectureship Chairman Lucinda Rice Peatry. Mu alum Shaun Young (VP Membership) and Debbie Evans (VP Finance) also were in attendance, leading the convention in their positions on the Delta Gamma Fraternity Council.

There is no easy way to describe convention (or the amount of anchor apparel in one room) but this quote pulled from the DG Convention blog best sums it up:

"When I walked into convention I felt like a 6-year-old walking into FAO Schwartz. Overwhelmed with excitement. Did I love DG before? Yes. Do I love DG more now? Absolutely." -Jenna Nicoletti Williams, ATC at Zeta Iota-Chapman University

While the events of convention are difficult to fully describe, heres are the highlights of the ones that stood out during the weekend...

- Lecture by John Sileo, He provided a hilarious presentation about the serious topic of identity theft.
- Lecture by Molly Stroud (Pepperdine alum), she spoke about girl on girl hate and the amazing organization she founded, Kind Campaign (check back for a later post about this).

- Initiation ceremony conducted by the members of the Colorado (Boulder) chapter.
- A performance by some young students at the Delta Gamma School for the Blind located in Denver, emphasizing the foundation work of the Fraternity.
- Awards banquet, check out the list of winners here.

- Trip to the Delta Gamma School for the Blind in Denver.

Mu's current president, Amanda Klohmann (07), on the right with LSU's chapter president (and Amanda's roommate for the weekend.)

Representing M - Mu!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mu's National Treasure.

While most Mu Chapter journalists headed to New York City or abroad this summer, Jenner Smith (09) decided to make her mark on another exciting city. Jenner is working at NBC in Washington D.C. The nation's capital has already provided its fair share of adventures. So far Jenner has toured national landmarks, seen President Obama, attended the National Spelling Bee, and rubbed shoulders with some pretty important celebrities. In between all her adventures she is working hard and learning a lot.

Check out some of her great summer pictures...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Want to sponsor a potential member?

  • Are you a Delta Gamma who knows of a young woman who would make a great Delta Gamma herself?
  • Do you know of a woman who is excited about going through the recruitment process at her university?
  • Do you have a Delta Gamma legacy in your family?
  • Are you interested in Delta Gamma having quality members who are dedicated to the Fraternity for a lifetime?

These are great reasons why each Delta Gamma member should take the time to complete a DG Sponsor Form for a potential new member. Please help promote Delta Gamma by sharing your pride in the Fraternity and educating others about the leadership, values, scholarship and fun young women can experience being a member of Delta Gamma Fraternity.

Log in to
myDG to complete a Sponsor Form and learn more about today's recruitment process. Go to the container titled Resources for Everyone and click on Recruitment and Sponsorship. There you will find the Sponsor Form in various formats as well as a list of where to send the form once it has been completed.

New myDG users: estalish an account by clicking on the myDG button and then use the account wizard to set up your account.

Sponsor forms can be emailed (sponsorforms@deltagamma.org) or mailed to the chapter house (900 S. Providence Road, Columbia Mo, 65201).

Thanks for your help as we prepare to bring the best and brightest new pledge class into Mu chapter this August!

MTVTJ Contest Update

UPDATE: You can now vote for Mu chapter alum Danielle Hohmeier for MTVTJ (see this last post for details on the contest).

To vote, go to facebook.com/zync and choose Danielle as your favorite MTVTJ. To help her out even more in the competition make sure you and your friends follow her on twitter (@daniellesmyname). Not already following @daniellesmyname or @mizzoudg? Don't have a twitter yet? Helping a sister out and staying informed about Mu chapter sound like great excuses to jump on the technology bandwagon...

Good Luck Danielle!

Monday, July 5, 2010

In a New York state of mind.

It is a summer in the city for several members of Mu Chapter. Through various programs these girls are living and interning in New York City. Though they don't all live together, weekend outings and after work happy hours have helped these members bring a little bit of their Mizzou and DG life with them to the Big Apple. Read below to check out where they are working (and who to network with to get a job next year) as well as hear about their experience so far "in their own words!"

Amanda Klohmann
(Pledge Class 2007/Chapter President)
Intern at Sports Illustrated Kids

"I love working at SI Kids. I commute from my apartment at Columbia University to Rockefeller Center each morning and feel like a true New Yorker. Working with SI Kids has been great because it is a fun environment and part of Time Inc. which has 115 magazines (perfect for post-graduation job hunt connections). So far I do a lot of archiving, mail, and fact-checking work but I have been able to do some great interviews and write blog posts. I have interviewed John Wall, the NBA's first round draft pick, World Cup organizers, and one of the best goalies in the NHL, Martin Brodeur! I am excited to see my work in print next month. For a sports nerd, this is a dream come true!"

Morgan Mitchell
(Pledge Class 2007)
Intern at space150

"I am working at space150 (http://space150.com/) in the New York (Brooklyn) office. This advertising agency focuses on digital work and keeps me very busy. A few of our big clients are American Express and Forever 21. I am helping on the account side for the American Express mobile team. (Basically helping out where i can with the different smart-phone apps and mobile websites my company creates for American Express) SO COOL! I am learning a lot and loving my work. I am also doing the Mizzou Journalism NYC Program too where I am taking classes and receiving credit. I am really enjoying life in the concrete jungle and would recommend doing a summer internship here to anyone. "

Paige Codilis
(Pledge Class 2009)
Intern with designer Wes Gordon

"I work 5 days a week doing all kinds of things. I pretty much run around the city all day! I organize and get clothes ready for photo shoots and magazines. I am helping Wes launch his fall line that will be in major department stores all around the world. I also am helping him create his spring line by picking out colors and patterns. I design trend boards and fabric boards."

Alli Bailes
(Pledge Class 2006/recent alum)
Intern at AOL

"I'm interning on the global brand marketing team at AOL. We are responsible for coordinating marketing efforts for the company as a whole, both in the US and globally. Since AOL is currently in the process of rebranding their company as more than the dial-up Internet of the past, I'm working with the team that is coordinating this rebranding effort. I work on planning events and initiatives to promote AOL and all of their content platforms. Other than work, New York has been amazing and is defintely a city that everyone should experience at least once in their lives."

Lorrin Lynn
(Pledge Class 2006/recent alum)
Intern with KPMG LLP

"I am working in the Audit Metro practice of the firm, which means I am auditing non-financial service clients such as construction, manufacturing, health care, retail, food and consumer products, etc. At my internship, I am treated as a first year associate staff so I am getting to participate in actual audits and getting to performing testwork for the audits. I am living in SoHo, which has lots of shopping, restuarants, and bars. I am enjoying every minute in the city so far and hopefully will receive a full-time offer at the end of my internship and return to NYC and KPMG after graduation."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Lovin'

For most of us, summertime means sunshine, bronzed tans, outdoor concerts and sleeping in.  Unfortunately for us DGs, it also means knowing that our sisters may be a little too far down I-70 for comfort. And for those three months, the distance is unbearable...which is why many of us choose to bridge the gaps :)

Here are some (more) pictures of our lovely ladies who are enjoying the break together!

Have a happy (and safe!) 4th of July!

Meet the Seniors: Mamie Van Emon

Mamie Van Emon
Hometown: Chesterfield, Missouri
Major: Nursing
Dream Job: Nurse anesthetist and traveling to underprivileged countries to provide medical care

Past DG Involvement
New Member Mentor
Spirit Crew
DG Sports: flag football, soccer & basketball

Other Group Affiliations
Student Nursing Association
Fellowship of Christian Nurses
Worked at Sunrise Assisted Living Facility w/ dementia patients

Describe yourself before college
Dependent, smart, outgoing, impatient, immature
Describe yourself now
Confident, honest, reliable, independent, intelligent

Year in College: Sophomore year
Class/Teacher: Nursing Methods I and II with Nicole Bartow
Experience Outside of DG: Traveling to Nicaragua for medical mission trips
DG Lunch: Chicken tenders & mac and cheese
DG Dessert: I love, love, love the chocolate chunk cookies!!
Location within DG: Annex basement!
DG Fling Performance: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
DG RAMS Performance: Legally Blonde
Spring Break Experience: PCB, FL!

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"I would probably not know nearly as many people, nor have hardly any of the experiences, both learning and fun, that I have had because of DG. I would probably be too shy to want to be involved in anything, so I would just sit at home and hope that I meet people at school or that my roommates would want to hang out."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?
"I will miss all of the advice that I could get from all of the sisters that I had never had in my life until college! And I will definitely miss the trips, sharing closets, helping with hair and makeup, and all of the stories."

"After all we have been through, good and bad, I can truly say that I would not be who I am today without each and every one of you. I have been blessed to know you, and am privileged to have gotten the opportunity to spend time with all of you these past four years. Thank you all for being there for me through thick & thin, and forgiving me when I failed to reach expectations. I do not know what I would have done without you all. Stay in contact, and don't forget about me as you travel and get jobs! I love you all!!! ITB."

Meet the Seniors: Lorrin Lynn

Lorrin Lynn
Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Major: Accountancy
Dream Job: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Neiman Marcus Group
Twitter: @LorrinAlicia

Past DG Involvement
Director of Points (2007)
Dancer, Homecoming (06, 07, 08)
Dancer, Greek Week (07, 08, 10)
Dancer, RAMS (07, 08)
Dancer, Recruitment (08, 09)
Dance Director, Homecoming (07, 08)
Dance Director, Greek Week (08, 10)
Dance Director, RAMS (08)
Dance Director, Recruitment (08, 09)

"I danced... a lot."

Other Group Affiliations
MU Golden Girls
Beta Alpha Psi - Accounting Fraternity, VP of Professional Activities (2009)
Homecoming/Greek Week "Production" Dance

Year in College: Sophomore year, because nothing beats living in DG!
Class/Teacher: Religion and Human Sexuality
Experience Outside of DG: Working at Kanakuk Kamps for two summers
DG Lunch: Chicken Tenders & Mac N' Cheeeese!!!
DG Dinner: Anything that involves bosco sticks
Location within DG: Room 19 for life!
DG Fling Performance: Greek Week '08 with KA
DG RAMS Performance: Legally Blonde, duh.
Spring Break Experience: PCB freshman year, Vegas 2010

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"I would have not had even half of the wonderful experiences that I have had because of DG. Unfortunately, I would probably be about 10 lbs skinner because I'd still be doing Golden Girls, but I would take DG to 10 lbs any day."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?
"Besides Pinafore and Lucinda, I will definitely miss my wonderful pledge class the most."

"I love you all and am so happy we are still here, four years later and for always RMD."