Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A mile above the rest!

Delta Gamma members from across the globe gathered in Denver, Colorado, from June 17-20, to conduct the biennial business of the Fraternity and Foundation. Mu's Chapter President and Advisory Team Chairman made the trip to Denver to represent the chapter. They were joined by many Mu alum including Columbia Alumni Chapter President Katie Lampitt, Regional Collegiate Specialist Jackie Bergquist, Regional Recruitment Specialist Lisa Bowels, and Lectureship Chairman Lucinda Rice Peatry. Mu alum Shaun Young (VP Membership) and Debbie Evans (VP Finance) also were in attendance, leading the convention in their positions on the Delta Gamma Fraternity Council.

There is no easy way to describe convention (or the amount of anchor apparel in one room) but this quote pulled from the DG Convention blog best sums it up:

"When I walked into convention I felt like a 6-year-old walking into FAO Schwartz. Overwhelmed with excitement. Did I love DG before? Yes. Do I love DG more now? Absolutely." -Jenna Nicoletti Williams, ATC at Zeta Iota-Chapman University

While the events of convention are difficult to fully describe, heres are the highlights of the ones that stood out during the weekend...

- Lecture by John Sileo, He provided a hilarious presentation about the serious topic of identity theft.
- Lecture by Molly Stroud (Pepperdine alum), she spoke about girl on girl hate and the amazing organization she founded, Kind Campaign (check back for a later post about this).

- Initiation ceremony conducted by the members of the Colorado (Boulder) chapter.
- A performance by some young students at the Delta Gamma School for the Blind located in Denver, emphasizing the foundation work of the Fraternity.
- Awards banquet, check out the list of winners here.

- Trip to the Delta Gamma School for the Blind in Denver.

Mu's current president, Amanda Klohmann (07), on the right with LSU's chapter president (and Amanda's roommate for the weekend.)

Representing M - Mu!

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