Sunday, July 18, 2010

DG Do Gooder - July

Delta Gamma teaches us to live by the motto Do Good - so in effort to share about all of the good Mu is doing in the community and on our campus, we are going to start monthly posts about our members who are true Do Gooders and exemplify what it really means to Do Good.

So who has the honor of being our very first Do Gooder? Read below to find out...

Name: Catherine Beehler

Pledge Class: 2009

Why she was chosen: Catherine has a busy summer - she is working, taking a summer school class, AND volunteering at two different hospitals. Her hospital work lets her help patients and get great work experience that will help her when she is a nurse someday.

In her own words: "I am volunteering at Menorah Medical Hospital in outpatient registration where I check in patients who are coming in for surgerys, ultrasounds, cardiac rehab, blood draws, etc. Pretty much if you go into the hospital to get anything done to you, I check these people in. I am also in the oncology office where I deliver labs, wheel patients to destinations, make patient charts, file patient information etc.

The other hospital is Saint Lukes South Medical Center and I volunteer in the emergency room. This is alot more hands on and it is very active and busy. I organize all the medical materals they use on patients during a medical emergency, clean beds and surrounding areas after a procedure, and check on patients if they need anything. I also get to sit in and watch procedures that are being done on patients and watch the doctor nurse interaction with them which is really cool!

My experience in the hospitals has been great! I have really enjoyed being in a hospital atmosphere and watching how much compassion there is and how every employee or volunteer has a friendly positive attitude putting the patients health and saftey first. It has been an eye opening experience of what goes on in hospitals and confirmed the reason why I wanted to go into nursing!"

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