Wednesday, February 24, 2010

@MIZZOUDG now on Twitter!

Ever wish you could have a quick & easy rundown of all things DG without spending hours on the computer? You're in luck!

Now, not only do you have this blog to keep you updated on everything going on here at Mu, but we've also recently signed onto TWITTER.

That's right, you tweetsters, Mu DG is now on TWITTER, and we'd love for you to follow us!

Username: @MIZZOUDG

See you there :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet the Seniors: Elizabeth "EB" Moore

As graduation approaches, we’ve decided to devote some extra attention to our lovely Delta Gamma seniors. These women are of the 2006 pledge class (as well as a few 2007-ers!), and are more than a little upset about leaving the collegiate life behind.  That said, they all undoubtedly have the talent and ambition to succeed, which is yet another reason why we cannot wait for you to meet them all. Now, without further ado:

Elizabeth "EB" Moore

Hometown: Moline, Illinois
Major: Nursing
Dream Job: Working as a pediatric ER nurse

Past DG Involvement
Director of Food, Director of Well Aware

Other Group Affiliations
Student Nurses Association, MU Honors College, Sinclair School of Nursing Scholar
* EB also works for the Pediatric Group Association as a nursing technician for a group of seven primary care pediatricians and their staff

Year in College: Sophomore
Experience Outside of DG: March of Dimes volunteer
DG Lunch: Mac & cheese/chicken fingers
DG Dessert: Angel food cake w/ strawberries
Location within DG House: 3rd Floor at the top of the stairs
DG RAMS Performance: Legally Blonde, 2008

1) Imagine that you didn't have DG in your life... describe your personality/life.
"I think I would be less outgoing, and I would not have made as many great friends. I would probably study way too much and be too high strung."
2) What about DG will you miss the most? 
"I will miss everybody I have met along the way and laughing about the little things."

"I love you guys! We have had so much fun together, and I am going to miss you all!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

DG Places 1st in RAMS 2010!

After countless hours of dance rehearsals, collecting donations, attending speakers, decorating banners, & hours of participation in service throughout the community, Mu Delta Gamma won RAMS, 2010!

The results were announced Friday evening after the "Rock It" finals at the Blue Note. Here is the final breakdown of points, which lead DG to its second first-place win in three years:
- Advancement to Rock-It finals
- 2nd in Jail-and-Bail
- 1st in Promotions
- 1st in comedy night

Competition aside, the women of Delta Gamma are grateful to be apart of yet another year of donating to a such a great cause. RAMS, (Rocking Against Multiple Sclerosis), is an annual fundraiser that helps raise money and awareness for Muscular Sclerosis.

The ladies would also like to give extra appreciation to the leadership and commitment offered by sophomore Breanna Hance. Breanna served as the RAMS director this year, and worked tirelessly for the benefit of the cause. Way to be a DG!

RAMS Director, Breanna Hance (08)

Check out this link to a Maneater article about Delta Gamma's success and the great things RAMS does!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Work it!

Tonight, DG's worked it at the RAMS prelims. RAMS is a dance/lip-sync competition that benefits Multiple Sclerosis awareness and research. The competition is held each winter, and chapters compete in service, fundraising, and lip-sync categories.

This year, the DG's RAMS dancers, led by Courtney Alexander (08) and Kaeli Kimes (08), put together a routine titled "9 to 5." Songs included "Workin' 9 to 5" by Dolly Parton, "Work It" by Missy Elliot, and "Workin' Day and Night" by Michael Jackson. 

Want to check out our performance at prelims? Check out this LINK to watch the video!! Oh, and definitely keep your fingers crossed that we make it to finals on Friday.  If (and when!) we do, we'll have the chance to try to top Monday's performance!

Still, regardless of what happens, GREAT WORK to everyone who took the stage, and thanks to all of our wonderful, cheering fans for all of the support!

Friday, February 5, 2010

DG's Around the World: Heather White

Heather White (08) is a current sophomore who spent the past semester studying abroad in Sydney, Australia.

I spent the last six months halfway across the world. With an aunt & uncle living in Sydney, visiting had been in the books since I was six; it was just a matter of how I could get the most out of my stay.

As an international business student emphasizing in Finance and French, I knew I could get a lot out of a study abroad experience. I organized my semester away from Mizzou much earlier than most in order to best fit the things I knew I would want to accomplish in my final 2 ½ years back at school: with DG, my major, and other College of Business activities on campus.

I’ll admit, my studying was quickly placed on the backburner. Opportunities seemed to come immediately, and I knew that this trip would be my chance to take advantage of what I didn’t have in St. Louis or Columbia.

My first night, (yes, after the 14-hour plane ride from Los Angeles), was the marking of the 10 year anniversary for WISH, a popular clothing label sold in Australian department stores and markets, and more recently breaking into selective parts of California and New York. I was lucky enough to be invited to this event, and would spend a few weeks after it helping in other ways as an intern.

WISH didn’t have much opportunity in terms of hours, but then another opportunity came into the mix: interning for Banque National de Paris Paribas, a highly recognized bank throughout Europe with offices throughout the world in finance AND French.  It couldn’t have been any more clear what I was going to do! I first worked under the investment partners, then later moved to another floor and worked under the head of communications for “Australasia”. 

I believe there is no better way to figure out where you’re meant to go in life than to try it out first hand. I was able to make connections in Australia that will hopefully stick with me for the rest of my working life and after. After all:

'The way of the world is meeting people through other people.’ -Robert Kerrigan

I also enjoyed all of the perks of playing business dress-up on the days when I wasn’t in my uni dress code. That said, a whole new set of wardrobe changes came into play on the weekends! Sydney is a great city, with some of the best beaches worldwide. It's also the largest city in Australia, and definitely enjoyed these new features, as no other place I've lived has been able to offer. 

When you fly across the world and have no idea when the returning trip will come, you try to see as much as you can, which is just what I did. Of the six states and two territories in Australia, I visited five: NSW- Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley Wine Region, Byron Bay- surfing town, QLD- great barrier reef, NT- ayers’ rock, King’s Canyon, Alice Springs, SA- Adelaide, Clare Valley wine region, and VIC - Melbourne (the more ‘European’ city with great shopping and arts.)

Now, you might be wondering if I dropped the classes after the first week, which after all, was "the whole reason" I was in this country. But I managed to keep up, and took Principles of Marketing, History of Art, the secrets to taking, developing, and printing great photos, and History and Politics of Australia. And I enjoyed it. I would do it all again, except Australian Politics 1001 - a class I could find on the Mizzou website.  

While being on a different university campus with students and staff who look similar enough, but think and act incredibly different, I’ll admit I learned a lot - most of which I’ll likely not appreciate for a while.

Overall, my experiences abroad are more than I could have ever expected. I learned lessons that I will be referring back to for the rest of my life. I’m not sure the laid-back Aussie lifestyle quite rubbed off on me; in fact, I looked forward to getting back to my busy life in Columbia with school, work and Dg. 

Still, Sydney is a place I most definitely miss, and will have to revisit someday.

Heather White (08) befriending a kangaroo at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. 

Fellow DG, Taylor Yehling (08) was one of five friends who spent Thanksgiving Break visiting Sydney. 
Their night of arrival was coincidentally The Australian Idol Finale. 
Here the six friends enjoyed a firework show while taking in the city view.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CMT retreat to Chicago!

Being a VP is awesome. Sure there is always a lot of work and responsibility - but there is also a lot of play too! This past weekend the Chapter Management Team (CMT) Executive Board of Mu Chapter got to play when they headed to Chicago.

The weekend was a chance to meet other DGs and to connect names and faces to regional advisers and collegians at the Region 5 conference at Northwestern University. Saturday the board attended the conference from 10-4 with about ten other chapters from the Chicago/midewest area. The conference provided a perfect training ground for new officers and an easy way for chapters from all over to exchange ideas. Attendees were able to also learn more about Delta Gamma foundations through a presentation and were able to review ritual during a mock initiation ceremony. Afterward, the CMT group met with Regional Advisers Jackie Bergquist and Lisa Gregory to discuss the happenings of Mu Chapter.

After a long day the group headed into downtown Chicago for some bonding (and shopping of course). The girls hit Michigan Avenue and had a great night exploring in a different city. The weekend was a fun getaway for a group of hard working Mu members and all hope to plan a return trip sometime soon.


CMT members (back row) Abby Warren (07), Ashton Peck (08), Amanda Klohmann (07), Brooke Bolen (08), (ront row) Gracey Roope (08), and A 2010 PI CHI (08) posing on Michigan Avenue after some night time shopping.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Greek Week 'Superhuman' Liaisons: Whitney & Heather

It goes without saying that taking on a position within our (230-ish woman house) is no easy task. Mobilizing the forces, attending weekly meetings and organizing schedules, all while being a full-time student, seems to be superhuman work. And it is...especially when it comes to Greek Week.

And, with Greek Week just around the corner, it is only appropriate that we take the time to recognize sophomores, Whitney Taryle and Heather White, for accepting their newly elected positions as our 2010 Greek Week liaisons!


(Above) A 2010 PI CHI & Heather White

Greek Week liaisons are just what they sound - and more. Not only do they inform chapter members of important information regarding upcoming festivities and encourage a positive spirit, but they also work with our Greek Week partners' liaisons to ensure effective communication among our houses.

From now until April, Whitney and Heather will lead DG to a Greek Week victory, and we really cannot thank them enough!! Being a liaison is a hefty job, and we're more than confident in their ability to do it.

Thanks girls! ITB