Sunday, February 21, 2010

DG Places 1st in RAMS 2010!

After countless hours of dance rehearsals, collecting donations, attending speakers, decorating banners, & hours of participation in service throughout the community, Mu Delta Gamma won RAMS, 2010!

The results were announced Friday evening after the "Rock It" finals at the Blue Note. Here is the final breakdown of points, which lead DG to its second first-place win in three years:
- Advancement to Rock-It finals
- 2nd in Jail-and-Bail
- 1st in Promotions
- 1st in comedy night

Competition aside, the women of Delta Gamma are grateful to be apart of yet another year of donating to a such a great cause. RAMS, (Rocking Against Multiple Sclerosis), is an annual fundraiser that helps raise money and awareness for Muscular Sclerosis.

The ladies would also like to give extra appreciation to the leadership and commitment offered by sophomore Breanna Hance. Breanna served as the RAMS director this year, and worked tirelessly for the benefit of the cause. Way to be a DG!

RAMS Director, Breanna Hance (08)

Check out this link to a Maneater article about Delta Gamma's success and the great things RAMS does!