Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DG Travelers: Paige Codilis

Paige Codilis (NMC '09) is spending her study abroad trip with the Semester at Sea program. Through the University of Virginia's program, Paige is aboard a cruise ship with over 1000 other students from across the country, traveling around the world.

Her voyage will take her to 12 different countries, including: the Bahamas, Dominica, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and Japan. Paige will also be making a stop in Hawaii before the ship finally docks at San Diego, California.

During her trip, Paige has had the opportunity to volunteer in refugee camps, hike through the countrysides, and even swim with sharks!

Although it may seem very busy, Paige still makes time for classes, which are sometimes aboard the ship in a classroom, but can also be at an outdoor spot in their current location.

Paige is gaining a great deal of life experience from her trip, and has already said she hopes to one day return to these less fortunate countries to continue her volunteer work.

After a day-long hike through the countryside, Paige had the opportunity to jump into the water at this beautiful Dominican waterfall.

Paige is pictured here with two of her new friends at a refugee camp in Africa. In front is Dora, who was just rescued from slavery three weeks earlier.

If you would like to read more about Paige's travels around the world, check out her blog at: To learn more about the Semester at Sea program, visit 

Monday, February 20, 2012

DG Travelers: London Ladies

Jenner Smith, Katie Reichenbach, and Kelsey Merriam (NMC '09) are spending their semester abroad together in London, England. All three study journalism at Mizzou (Jenner and Kelsey are part of the broadcast sequence, while Katie is in the strategic communications sequence), and are roommates across the pond.

These ladies have been keeping busy taking two classes, working at their internships, and traveling to other European attractions most weekends.

Katie is currently interning as the public relations assistant to luxury fashion designer, Roland Mouret. Jenner is working for the NBC News London Bureau. Kelsey's internship is with Pilot Productions, which produces the travel series, Globe Trekker.

Jenner recently had the opportunity to interview many of today's film stars at the BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), including Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe and The Help's, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. A video of her work can be seen here:

Katie and Kelsey recently checked off one of their weekend destinations when they visited Paris. Their getaway was full of wonderful sites (the Eiffel Tower at night and the Louvre) and yummy foods ( Nutella and banana crepes and a breakfast pastry called "croque monsieur").

These ladies plan on making a St. Patrick's Day stop to Dublin, Ireland, a meet up with Katie Moore in Spain, and a trip to Italy.

While they are keeping very busy, all three still make time for blog updates! If you would like to learn and see more from their England travels, check out their blogs.


(From left) Jenner, Katie, and Kelsey were able to watch the Super Bowl aboard a boat at Canary Wharf.

Katie and Jenner are pictured in front of the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

Jenner and Kelsey are seen here in front of Tower Bridge in London.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DG Travelers: Katie Moore

Katie Moore (NMC '09 and former vp: finance) is spending her semester abroad in Alicante, Spain. This beautiful, beach city is located south of Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast.

The city is home to many college students, as well as a large Spanish-speaking population. When Katie first arrived, she had difficulty communicating, but after completing an intensive two-week Spanish course, she is now finding it easier to understand the locals.

Katie is participating in a homestay with her "madre," Juana Maria. Through her program, Katie has had the chance to meet many new people, including a DG sister from Bucknell University.

Katie, who is a finance major, is studying with 21 other American students. They have been walking their way through several Spanish sites, including a castle in Alicante and to the top of a huge coastal rock in the village of Calpe.

If you would like to read more about Katie's Spanish travels and studies, check out her blog:

Katie and Bucknell DG, Steph, are pictured from the top of a castle in Alicante.

During an unplanned, undirected walk, Katie and fellow Mizzou student, Abby, posed in front of the beautiful Mediterranean coastline.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DG Travelers: Mary Sue Kiso

This semester, members of Mu chapter's NMC '09 are exploring the world, while taking classes and gaining life experience.

Mary Sue Kiso is spending her semester abroad in Brussels, Belgium. This city is the nation's capital, and home to rich history and great food.

Sue has already tasted many great foods, but her favorite meal so far the mitraillette: a sandwich with chicken, salad, frites (fries), and Andalusian sauce.

She has already hosted a fellow Mu DG, Kelsey Merriam, who made a weekend visit from her current home in London.

While abroad, Sue hopes to visit several other European cities and countries: Spain, Paris, Dublin, and Prague, just to name a few! She has already made trips to Amsterdam and Ghent with fellow Mizzou students.

On top of classes, Sue, a strategic communications major, will be interning with the European-lifestyle magazine, Together.

If you would like to learn more about Sue's semester abroad, check out her blog at

Sue (far left) with her roommates are pictured at the European Parliament.

Sue and London guest, Kelsey Merriam, represent Delta Gamma in front of Brussels park sculpture.