Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DG Scholarship Deadline Approaching

Hey Mu Chapter members! While on break how about using your free time to apply for DG Foundation scholarships! Last year six Mu Chapter members received $1,000 scholarships to go towards school costs. FYI, members must have a sophomore pledge class standing to apply. 

General Scholarships for Mu Chapter and Region 5:

Ellis Need Based Awards:

For more information visit myDG and don't forget the scholarship deadline is February 15th so get going if you want to apply!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Holidays from Mu Chapter!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the ladies of Delta Gamma, Mu Chapter! The spirit sure has hit us at the chapter house... the lights are hung outside and PC 08' has decorated the halls. As we try to survive finals (and the snow that has covered the ground this morning), we are all looking forward to study breaks full of tacky Christmas sweaters and fraternity carolers singing out of tune at our front door.

A special thank-you to the Kansas City Alumni group who were so thoughtful in sending us special finals treats. Classes officially stop tomorrow and finals begin Friday and last until Thursday December 17. The chapter house will close on Saturday the 19th.

Thanks for checking the blog and be sure to keep a look out for our chapter Christmas card wishing you a happy holiday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

DG makes Steer Co.

We all know DGs like to make an impact around campus, but we would love to give a special shout out to Kelly Nelson (07), pictured left, for being accepted on to the 2009 Greek Week Steering Committee.

Kelly is a member of the Greek Week Fling Committee and will even be MC-ing the entire fling production for everyone in Greek Town. We will miss Kelly during Greek Week games, but we all know she will do a great job and represent that chapter well.

Way to be a DG Kelly!

Greek Week will be next spring but the Mu Chapter is already preparing. Watch out for news about courting and preferencing... it's just around the corner!

The slate is in!

Believe it or not the end of the semester is in sight! Congrats to the newly slatted officers... can't wait to see what everyone brings to their positions next semester! We start transitioning this week and look forward to bringing everyone up to speed with new programming plans and roles of their position.

President: Amanda Klohmann
VP Programing: Gracey Roope
VP Social Standards: Aston Peck
VP Finance: Brooke Bolen
VP Membership: Abby Warren
VP Member Education: Hannah Price
VP Foundation: Kathryn Bergmann
VP Communications: Chelsea Simon
VP PHA: Ellie Schamel
Director of Scholarship: Breanna Hance
Director of Rituals: A 2010 PI CHI
Director of Social Events: Hayley Harper
Director of Special Events: Beth Shelly
Director of Recruitment Records: Carolyn McClelland
Director of New Members: Jenner Smith
Director of Activities: Whitney Sedler
Director of Public Relations: Kelly Nelson
Director of EComm: Morgan Grawe
Director of Crews: Stephanie Rasch
Director of Social Awareness: Megan Higgins
Director of Alumnae Relations: Sara Harris
Director of Archives: Amy Voloto
Director of Seniors: Jessica Hughes (Mallorie Peer is the honorary director of seniors)
Director of Fundraising: Elise Friede
Director of Anchor Splash: Molly Clay
Director of Sisterhood Events: Michelle Samborski
Director of Banners: Molly Bradshaw
Director of Philanthropy: Allison Dolan
Director of Points: Jenna Kuphall
Director of Songs: Lauren Crutchfield
Director of Sportswear: A 2010 PI CHI
Director of Spirit: Morgan Coleman

House Manager: Erin Casper
Alternate PHA rep: Taylor Nyhan
Honor Board Junior Member: Allison Dolan
Honor Board Sophomore Member: Laura Niekamp
Honor Board Member at Large: Lucy Rusk

Stress Relief :)

All work and no play can make anybody a little grumpy...especially when tedious homework is involved. (Trust us, it definitely is.)

But, don't freight. To reward the lovely, hardworking ladies of our house, we've recently hosted a few date events: a Western rodeo Fall Party and a classy (as always) Semi-Formal.

Of course we have some pictures for you all, and we hope you enjoy!!

Pledge Daughter/Mother love!! Brittney Bloom (07) & Allie Sheppard (06)
Taking on the bull! Senior, Lorrin Lynn (06)
Allie Groomes (08) & Ashley Lein (08)!!
Clogging the halls of DG...some live-in sophomore beauties in costume!
Another group of sophomores before leaving for the "rodeo"!!


A 2010 PI CHI (08), Nikki Bracken (08) & Vanessa Termini (08) at the house before catching the bus!

Krista McBride (09), Ellie Schamel (08), Ashton Peck (08), Breanna Hance (08) & (far right) Jenner Smith (09), throwin' it up outside the house before leaving!


Some of our beautiful babies!
Avenly Jones (09), Katie Moore (09), Kelsey Colbrook Tracy (09), Lauren Hagerty (09), Ashten Travis (09) & Reanna Newham (09)


A few live-in sophomores throw up "the Deeg"! Morgan Grawe (08), Stephanie Faerber (08), A 2010 PI CHI (08), Antoinette Palazzolo (08), Jayme Merterns (08) & Courtney Alexander (08)

Lovely juniors: Tracy Haden (07), Jessica Hughes (07), Allie Fryrear (07), Bridget Brehany (07), Brooke Sturgeon (07), Kelly Nelson (07), Allison Dolan (07) & Abi Wilson (07)
Some sassy seniors, Pollie Rigg (06) & Abby Shearer (06)
A few more gorg. sophomores: Michelle Horan (08), Kelsey Andrews (08) & Allie Funderburk (08)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And we're back...

Mu Chapter President Abby Warren (07) and Director of Lectureship Amanda Klohmann (07) with Speaker Lisa Ling at book-signing.

Mu Chapter Lectureship Committee with speaker Lisa Ling

This semester has really flown by, and our blogging hasn't been too timely! No worries we are back and ready to bring you up to date with Mu Chapter!

On Wednesday, September 16 journalist Lisa Ling was Delta Gamma's special guest and speaker for Mu Chapter's Delta Gamma Foundation Lectureship in Value and Ethics.  Ling, a leading female journalist in the US, spoke about her experiences as a reporter for National Geographic, Channel One, The View, The Oprah Show, and CNN. Ling spoke to timely world issues and the need for American's to challenge their views about the world.

Besides speaking to the campus in a presentation at Jesse Hall, Ling also spent time at the chapter house, eating dinner with collegians and talking to members individually at a dessert reception.  The chapter was honored to have Ling as a guest and truly was privileged to take part in such a great evening.

Also a special thanks to Breanna Hance (08) for all her help with Lectureship, get ready for her to take over and bring another amazing speaker to campus next year!

P.S. Check out this link to an article that appeared in the Columbia Missourian all about DGs Lectureship! http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/09/17/journalist-lisa-ling-speaks-mu/

Monday, September 14, 2009


First of all, we are all just so excited to say that we had (yet another) amazing recruitment this year! We love all of our new babies, and we cannot wait until initiation in the upcoming months!

Along with the arrival of our new '09 pledge class, we're also so excited about the events taking place this upcoming week! As some (or most) of you all may know, it is our philanthropy week--ANCHOR SPLASH-- meaning a ton of exciting events, such as fund-raising, "The Plunge" (our synchronized swimming event), and of course LECTURESHIP!

If you didn't know, our chapter is bringing Lisa Ling to Mizzou this year! She's an amazing journalist, and we cannot wait for the opportunity to hear her speak!

Here's a link to an article that was just posted about this event, and we'll definitely keep you all posted on all of the festivities... including pictures (and hopefully video!)

Thanks so much for coming, and happy Monday!! :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mini Update!

First and foremost, we just want to thank you for all of your positive comments on our blog! We do this because we love our house, and it's so important for us to keep our sisters, families & friends updated on our chapter!

Currently, we're heading towards the 3rd day of formal recruitment... aka, SKIT DAY! We're all so excited about showing our personality to all of the potential new members, and of course have so much fun while doing so.

We've been taking pics throughout the past couple of weeks, so we'll definitely post those as soon as our lives slow down a bit. (Oh, and maybe some video footage, too!!)

Good luck with recruitment to our fellow collegians, and we'll be back soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's that time of the year again!!

Formal recruitment will be held August 17-22, and we cannot wait!

This year, Brooke Nower (senior) is VP of Membership and will be working alongside Mallorie Peer (senior), Director of Sponsorship, to help prepare our chapter for all of this year's potential new members!

In light of this exciting time of year, we're bringing you some pictures from last year's successful recruitment!

Krystal Faris (07), Chanel Jezek (07), Emily Donoho (07) & Alyssa Slater (07)
Chanel Jezek (07), Kristin Laux (07), Courtney Janes (07), Jessie Prather (07), Celia Close (07) & Krystal Faris (07)Paige Harper (07), MeganLiechti (07), Pi Chi 2009 (07), Alyssa Slater (07), Ashley Davis (07), Emily Donoho (07), Liz Brown (07), Abby Warren (07), Lauren Hays (07), throwing it up!

Sailors, Lauren Hays (07), Ashley Davis (07) & Liz Brown (07)!
Alicia Darr (06/left), with her pledge daughter, Chanel Jezek (07)!

Ps. That's President Abby (07) on the left w/ her pledge sister, Kathryn Orr (07)!
A 2009 Phi Chi (07), Jessie Prather (07), Chanel Jezek (07), Lindsay Lubely (07), Veronica Parks (07), Krystal Faris (07) & Courtney Janes (07)

Remember to fill out any sponsor forms, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


- Here are pics from Bid Day last year: "Welcome to the Good Life!"

Waiting for their new babes! Emily Donoho (07) & Alyssa Slater (07)!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Senior DGs Spend the Summer in NYC!

To a child, summer break is almost as great as Christmas. No school, no homework, no worries.

Unfortunately, as we get older and "mature," summer tends to gradually lose its appeal. Instead of being able to look forward to spending countless hours at the pool and nightly slumber parties with the girls, us college kids can usually only count on that boring summer job, classes and moving back home with the 'rents.

Sounds a little painful... but three Mu DGs were fortunate enough to escape!

Since the end of May, Kate Pietrobergo, Eliza Murphy & Cassie May have been living in New York City. All holding different internships, (Kate: Michael Kors, Eliza: Dateline, Cassie: M Magazine), the girls are currently spending their summer living in Manhattan, gaining valuable work (and life experience)...and going broke of course.

Still, they're having an amazing time and are so proud to be representing Delta Gamma in the Big Apple! Here are some pictures... and if you're interested in hearing more about their adventures, Cassie May has a public blog that she updates regularly: summer in the city w/ cassie may
check it out!

Rooftop view!
Eliza & Cassie on the set of Good Morning America!
Kate, Cassie & Eliza after meeting Nicolas Cage on the set of his new movie!
Throwin' it up! (Caitlin is a Theta at Illinois)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Member Attends UIFI Conference

Summer is here but Mu Chapter members are still as busy as can be. Keep checking the blog all summer long to learn about some of the exciting activities members are participating in.

May 30-June 4th Amanda Klohmann (07') had the opportunity to travel to Indiana University to attend the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) and represent our chapter of Delta Gamma. UIFI offers participants the opportunity to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead all while meeting with leaders from several other fraternities and sororities. Throughout the 5 day camp, students create personal plans to bring back to their chapters in hopes of improving the way members view their involvement and commitment to living ritual in everyday life. Amanda is excited to be able to share what she learned with all the other chapter members once she returns to school this fall and plans to host a workshop for the chapter in order to allow them to participate in some of the great activities and discussions she was part of while at UIFI. Also, while at UIFI Amanda had the opportunity to meet Delta Gamma's from across the country. The group of girls were able to participate in a ritual together, exchange fun skit and song ideas, visit the IU Delta Gamma house and also share their similar experiences of sisterhood. The girls all even planned to see each other at convention next year. A big thanks to Delta Gamma nationals who allowed Amanda and the other members of Delta Gamma from across the country to be able to participate in the conference with a Leveraging Leaders Scholarship!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sisterhood Events and Senior Farewell

The end of the year is drawing near which means Mu Chapter is squeezing in some last minute activities.  

Senior Sendoff
Tonight is the last chapter meeting of the semester for the women of Delta Gamma which means the house will be sending a group of amazing seniors off into the real world. In order to do so in the proper fashion house mom, Chris, planned a special formal dinner for the graduates.  At chapter seniors will also have a chance to do "senior wills" in which they will away different Delta Gamma memorabilia and other symbolic items to members of younger pledge classes.  It is a great way for seniors to clear out their closets and carry on some pledge family traditions.

Sisterhood with Theta
This semester the women of Kappa Alpha Theta are our Mizzou Greek Life sister sorority.  To celebrate, the members of both chapters participated in a social last Wednesday. The chapters met for some BBQ, socializing, and sand volleyball at Mizzou's Stankowski Field.  Mu Chapter members loved having a chance to get to relax with their friends in Theta and having a chance to get to know some new friends as well.

End of the Year Bowling 
On Sunday, members from all pledge classes of Mu Chapter met at the bowling alley for an end of the year sisterhood activity.  While the chapter bowled, the Chapter Management Team utilized the free afternoon to plan the calendar for next semester.  After bowling, Mu Chapter donated money to the Red, White and Blue BBQ hosted by the men of Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Gamma Sigma and spent time socializing and eating some great food.  The BBQ benefited the Honor Flight to help local Columbia Veterans travel to Washington D.C. to visit their war memorials.  After the BBQ members then returned to the Delta Gamma chapter house to participate in group discussions about the goals for the chapter and improvements that it can make for next semester.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Greek Honors Night

Last Wednesday Mizzou Greek Life held an honors ceremony for chapters from all four Greek conferences on campus (IFC, PHA, NPHC, MGC) and Danielle Hohmeier (05) and me, Amanda Klohmann (07), had the honor to attend and represent the chapter. For each award that was given out, one female chapter and one male chapter won. To win the awards chapters turned in applications detailing all of the activities they had done throughout the year and then each application was judged by a committee. Mu Chapter Delta Gamma was one of the most highly awarded chapters on the evening. Here is a quick run down on what we won and what we earned honorable mention for. 
- Awareness Raiser 
- Fundraising Through Friendship  
- Leadership Within  
- Columbia Cup Honorable Mention (for service to the community) 
- Directors Cup (for programming... second year in a row we won) 
- PHA Excellence Cup Honorable Mention 
- Presidents Cup Honorable Mention (for leadership within Greek Life and on campus)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bark in the Park

Delta Gamma's Bark in the Park took place Saturday April 18. Ashton Peck (08) organized the event to help raise money for the Central Missouri Humane Society. There was a silent auction, music, games, food, and contests open to all pets from 11am to 3pm and Clear 99 radio station and Smokin' Chick's BBQ both set up booths at the event. Mu chapter members worked in shifts to walk dogs brought from the human society and work at tables. Though the weather wasn't perfect, the event was still a success and the chapter was proud to do their part to help raise money and awareness to prevent animal cruelty and suffering in our local community.

For more information click here: http://www.geocities.com/dgbarkinthepark/

Spring Formal

On Saturday night Mu Chapter hosted its annual Spring Formal. Director of Special Events, Brittany Bloom (07) organized the event. The formal was held at the Country Club of Columbia and included drinks, food, and dancing. The event is the last DG only party of the year for the seniors and was a fun way for all members of the house to get together at a large party one last time. A special thanks to our advisers Jori and Jill for helping with formal check-in all night, we couldn't have done it without you!
Members of the 2007 pledge class do the DG salute before heading to formal.

Greek Week Update

Greek Week is finally over and Mu chapter had a great time working with the men of Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. Here are some highlights from the past week!

Flag Football
The DG flag football team put a great effort forth on Friday night. The team won its first-round game against the women of Tri-Sigma and the men of Pi Kappa Phi with a last minute play by our partners in Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. In the next game Mu chapters Greek Week pairing lost but still represented the house well.

Blood Drive
Congrats and thanks for all the help we had from alum and friends. Mu chapter met the required quota for the blood drive and the drive had an amazing turnout in general. Mu chapter once again helped Mizzou do its part in saving lives.

Fling: Skit and Dance
Look at this link from the Maneater!
WATCH the skit...
Click HERE for part 1
Click HERE for part 2

Fling was a complete success. All week long we have
been getting compliments on how well our skit and dance came together and were preformed on Wednesday. This year's Fling theme was "Evil or Misunderstood" and our skit explained how the villain in Shrek, Lord Farquad, came to be so mean (an short). Skit directors Kelly Nelson (07) and Jessica Hughes (07) put a lot of time into directing and writing the skit and had a lot of help from members of the house, most notably Shayla Kellison (06) and Emma Gutelius (06), with costumes and props.

This year we won two fling superlatives:
- Best Use of Prop (for the wonderful rope worn
as a hair piece by Emily Donoho (o7) who played the character of Repunzel)
- Best Supporting Female Actress (for the Gingerbread man played by Hillary Overfelt (05))
Above Allison Dolan (07) a statue in fling poses with a Sigma Chi who played the Big Bad Wolf .
Below Hillary Overfelt (07) in action as the Gingerbread Man and fling dancers and skitters pose before prelims on Wednesday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Relay For Life

The 4th annual Relay For Life at Mizzou took place April 9th and 10th from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. Relay For Life is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that benefits cancer research, prevention, education, and patient services. The idea is to fundraise throughout the year and come together for one giant night of fundraising, celebration and fun. This year, Mu chapter DGs decided to put a team together and participate. Becky Schmiedeskamp (07) organized the participating members of the house. Throughout the night, girls and their mothers decided to take a few hours out of their Mom's Weekend festivities and they stopped by to walk some laps around Stankowski Field and support the cause.

Mom's Weekend and Greek Week

It’s April, which means its our favorite time of the year. We are excited spring is on its way, but even more happy for the arrival of Mom’s Weekend and Greek Week!

Mom’s Weekend
Mom’s Weekend ran from Friday, April 3 to Sunday, April 6. On Friday, Mu Chapter members and their moms went to Déjà vu Comedy Club for some fun entertainment. On Saturday the Delta Gamma Chapter house was open from 10 am to 1 pm for moms and daughters to do some shopping and bidding. Director of Special Events, Brittney Bloom (07), did a great job organizing an auction that included a lot of great baskets. The items were all donated by moms and daughters and all money earned will go towards the house funds. Also, the main floor of DG turned into a small shopping mall. We had designers purses and jeans for sale as well as a Vera Bradley vendor. A lot of girls were excited to leave the house with some great items. On Saturday, a lot of members also took their mothers to Les Buorgeois Winery for an afternoon of nice weather and socializing.

Greek Week Update
Sports: This weekend marked the beginning of Greek Week sports. Delta Gamma teams were excited to pair up with the men from Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu to take on the other Greek teams. On Friday night the soccer team played with extra fan support from their moms. On Saturday, the morning started with Basketball and was followed by Swimming, a new event to this year’s Greek Week, in the afternoon. On Sunday, a huge fan turnout helped to cheer the volleyball team on. Pictured right, the volleyball team in their yellows jerseys taking a break and cheering on the boys. Every DG team did a great job and represented the house well with their play and sportsmanship.

Blood Drive: Don’t forget to help support Mu Chapter and donate blood to the Mizzou Greek Week Blood Drive. Satellite drives are set-up across Missouri so make sure to check the information below for one near you!
- ST. LOUIS March 23 through April 12
- KANSAS CITY March 24 and 27 or April 6 and 10
- SPRINGFIELD, MO March 23- April 12
- CAPE GIRARDEAU March 23- April 12
- JEFFERSON CITY March 23- April 12

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

So we've made it to Spring Break at last! For the next week Delta Gammas from Mu Chapter will be off on some fun adventures across the country or having a relaxing stay in their hometown.

Here are some of the places you can find us:
Cabo, Mexico
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
South Padre Island, Texas
Austin, Texas
San Diego, California
Panama City, Florida
Destin, Florida
Miami, Florida
Pearlington, Mississippi- Tracy Haden (07) and Kelly Nelson (07) are there with a service

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sisterhood on Wheels

Tonight instead of having a normal chapter meeting the Chapter Management Team surprised members with a spontaneous sisterhood event. Everyone in the house has been working so hard for the past few weeks helping plan and carry out the Mu Chapter Centennial celebration, hosting our Collegiate Development Consultant from DG Nationals, and beginning to prepare for Greek Week that the sisterhood event was a welcome break.
Members went to Empire Roller Rink for an eighties themed roller skating party. Some girls showed up in pretty funny outfits and everyone had fun attempting to skate (or should I say attempting not to fall too much). Girls even played games from the "old days" of roller skating birthday parties; the limbo and the duck dance were major highlights.

Greek Week Blood Drive

So Greek Week is just around the corner. That means that for the second time this year every member of the DG house will be pulling up their sleeves and sacerficing their veins!
This year's Mizzou Greek Week Blood Drive will be a two-day event, held on Tuesday, April 7 from 12-10p.m. and Wednesday, April 8 from 10a.m.- 8p.m. in the University of Missouri's Hearnes Center Fieldhouse. Deferral Day is Monday, April 13 from 10a.m.-5p.m., at the Student Rec Center.

In order to win the blood drive we need a lot of help from alumnae and friends of Delta Gamma. If you want to help and are not in the Columbia area on the 7th or 8th here are some other places and dates you ca donate!
- ST. LOUIS March 23 through April 12 *
- KANSAS CITY March 24 and 27 or April 6 and 10 *
- SPRINGFIELD, MO March 23- April 12
- CAPE GIRARDEAU March 23- April 12
- JEFFERSON CITY March 23- April 12
* each city has multiple locations to donate

Check this site for more details about where and when you can donate: http://www.donateblood.com/Rulebook.pdf#SatelliteDrives
or email our Greek Week Blood Liaisons Katie Pusateri (kp5xd@mizzou.edu) or Heather White (haw5g5@mizzou.edu) with any questions you have!

Remember when you donate make sure to say you are giving for Delta Gamma Sorority at Mizzou, we really appreciate all the help and support!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to refresh and restart!

So a new semester at Mizzou is well underway and a new group of DGs are in position. Danielle is handing over some of her "official" blogging duties to new girls. Get excited to be updated about DG Mu Chapter happenings by a variety of new voices. A group of us will all be putting our two cents in about the great work chapter members are doing around campus and within the house!

Here is a quick semester update for all of you who don't have a source within DG at all times...

DG 100
Yup that's right, dear old Delta Gee Mu Chapter turned 100 last weekend. The extended Founder's Day celebration started Thursday night with a formal dinner at the chapter house. We were so lucky that CMT members and DG alum were able to hear special guest Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs speak about Mu Chapter's influence on campus and have her as a dinner guest. Members also spent time socializing with Mu Chapter's Lectureship in Values and Ethics speaker Joan Brock. The next night a dinner for collegians and alum preceded Joan Brock's presentation of her life story "More Than Meets The Eye." The following morning alum and collegians dined together once again at a luncheon that included a "through the decades" fashion show of DG apparel and a performance by the Delta Gamma Centennial Choir. After lunch, all alum were invited to the chapter house for a mock recruitment practice and house tours. An alum dinner later that night split all of the event attendees up by decades so each group could spend time together eating a recalling memories. The weekend finished off with a brunch the next morning and House Corporation meeting attended by all the collegians and some alum. Overall it was a fantastic weekend.
To see pictures go to caseybphoto.com

RAMS, Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis
DG members once again participated in RAMS, a dance/lip-synch and service competition. Last year DG took first place overall and this year we followed up with a strong showing and earned second place overall! Dancers and lip-synchers preformed to a collection of songs from the musical Grease. Our liaisons Allison Dolan (07) and Brittany Schumate (07) did an excellent job organizing the house for all the RAMS activities and our dance director Annalise Lyons (07) created a really fun routine for a huge group of DG performers.
To see a video of the performance watch the video below!

On March 1 our annual party Pinafore was held. Special Events director Brittany Bloom (07) did an amazing job organizing a great night for all the members and their dates. Girls made funny sailor hats for their dates to wear and everyone loved the pinafore baseball-style shirts designed and organized by director of sportswear Kate Pietroburgo (06). Though some of our scores were not too good, everyone enjoyed bowling and spending the night with their sisters and friends.

There is a lot more from earlier this semester to get updated on, check back soon for some more posts about all the great things that have been happening in our chapter!

- Amanda Klohmann