Monday, May 4, 2009

Sisterhood Events and Senior Farewell

The end of the year is drawing near which means Mu Chapter is squeezing in some last minute activities.  

Senior Sendoff
Tonight is the last chapter meeting of the semester for the women of Delta Gamma which means the house will be sending a group of amazing seniors off into the real world. In order to do so in the proper fashion house mom, Chris, planned a special formal dinner for the graduates.  At chapter seniors will also have a chance to do "senior wills" in which they will away different Delta Gamma memorabilia and other symbolic items to members of younger pledge classes.  It is a great way for seniors to clear out their closets and carry on some pledge family traditions.

Sisterhood with Theta
This semester the women of Kappa Alpha Theta are our Mizzou Greek Life sister sorority.  To celebrate, the members of both chapters participated in a social last Wednesday. The chapters met for some BBQ, socializing, and sand volleyball at Mizzou's Stankowski Field.  Mu Chapter members loved having a chance to get to relax with their friends in Theta and having a chance to get to know some new friends as well.

End of the Year Bowling 
On Sunday, members from all pledge classes of Mu Chapter met at the bowling alley for an end of the year sisterhood activity.  While the chapter bowled, the Chapter Management Team utilized the free afternoon to plan the calendar for next semester.  After bowling, Mu Chapter donated money to the Red, White and Blue BBQ hosted by the men of Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Gamma Sigma and spent time socializing and eating some great food.  The BBQ benefited the Honor Flight to help local Columbia Veterans travel to Washington D.C. to visit their war memorials.  After the BBQ members then returned to the Delta Gamma chapter house to participate in group discussions about the goals for the chapter and improvements that it can make for next semester.


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