Monday, November 16, 2009

The slate is in!

Believe it or not the end of the semester is in sight! Congrats to the newly slatted officers... can't wait to see what everyone brings to their positions next semester! We start transitioning this week and look forward to bringing everyone up to speed with new programming plans and roles of their position.

President: Amanda Klohmann
VP Programing: Gracey Roope
VP Social Standards: Aston Peck
VP Finance: Brooke Bolen
VP Membership: Abby Warren
VP Member Education: Hannah Price
VP Foundation: Kathryn Bergmann
VP Communications: Chelsea Simon
VP PHA: Ellie Schamel
Director of Scholarship: Breanna Hance
Director of Rituals: A 2010 PI CHI
Director of Social Events: Hayley Harper
Director of Special Events: Beth Shelly
Director of Recruitment Records: Carolyn McClelland
Director of New Members: Jenner Smith
Director of Activities: Whitney Sedler
Director of Public Relations: Kelly Nelson
Director of EComm: Morgan Grawe
Director of Crews: Stephanie Rasch
Director of Social Awareness: Megan Higgins
Director of Alumnae Relations: Sara Harris
Director of Archives: Amy Voloto
Director of Seniors: Jessica Hughes (Mallorie Peer is the honorary director of seniors)
Director of Fundraising: Elise Friede
Director of Anchor Splash: Molly Clay
Director of Sisterhood Events: Michelle Samborski
Director of Banners: Molly Bradshaw
Director of Philanthropy: Allison Dolan
Director of Points: Jenna Kuphall
Director of Songs: Lauren Crutchfield
Director of Sportswear: A 2010 PI CHI
Director of Spirit: Morgan Coleman

House Manager: Erin Casper
Alternate PHA rep: Taylor Nyhan
Honor Board Junior Member: Allison Dolan
Honor Board Sophomore Member: Laura Niekamp
Honor Board Member at Large: Lucy Rusk

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