Monday, April 20, 2009

Greek Week Update

Greek Week is finally over and Mu chapter had a great time working with the men of Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. Here are some highlights from the past week!

Flag Football
The DG flag football team put a great effort forth on Friday night. The team won its first-round game against the women of Tri-Sigma and the men of Pi Kappa Phi with a last minute play by our partners in Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. In the next game Mu chapters Greek Week pairing lost but still represented the house well.

Blood Drive
Congrats and thanks for all the help we had from alum and friends. Mu chapter met the required quota for the blood drive and the drive had an amazing turnout in general. Mu chapter once again helped Mizzou do its part in saving lives.

Fling: Skit and Dance
Look at this link from the Maneater!
WATCH the skit...
Click HERE for part 1
Click HERE for part 2

Fling was a complete success. All week long we have
been getting compliments on how well our skit and dance came together and were preformed on Wednesday. This year's Fling theme was "Evil or Misunderstood" and our skit explained how the villain in Shrek, Lord Farquad, came to be so mean (an short). Skit directors Kelly Nelson (07) and Jessica Hughes (07) put a lot of time into directing and writing the skit and had a lot of help from members of the house, most notably Shayla Kellison (06) and Emma Gutelius (06), with costumes and props.

This year we won two fling superlatives:
- Best Use of Prop (for the wonderful rope worn
as a hair piece by Emily Donoho (o7) who played the character of Repunzel)
- Best Supporting Female Actress (for the Gingerbread man played by Hillary Overfelt (05))
Above Allison Dolan (07) a statue in fling poses with a Sigma Chi who played the Big Bad Wolf .
Below Hillary Overfelt (07) in action as the Gingerbread Man and fling dancers and skitters pose before prelims on Wednesday.

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