Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's that time of the year again!!

Formal recruitment will be held August 17-22, and we cannot wait!

This year, Brooke Nower (senior) is VP of Membership and will be working alongside Mallorie Peer (senior), Director of Sponsorship, to help prepare our chapter for all of this year's potential new members!

In light of this exciting time of year, we're bringing you some pictures from last year's successful recruitment!

Krystal Faris (07), Chanel Jezek (07), Emily Donoho (07) & Alyssa Slater (07)
Chanel Jezek (07), Kristin Laux (07), Courtney Janes (07), Jessie Prather (07), Celia Close (07) & Krystal Faris (07)Paige Harper (07), MeganLiechti (07), Pi Chi 2009 (07), Alyssa Slater (07), Ashley Davis (07), Emily Donoho (07), Liz Brown (07), Abby Warren (07), Lauren Hays (07), throwing it up!

Sailors, Lauren Hays (07), Ashley Davis (07) & Liz Brown (07)!
Alicia Darr (06/left), with her pledge daughter, Chanel Jezek (07)!

Ps. That's President Abby (07) on the left w/ her pledge sister, Kathryn Orr (07)!
A 2009 Phi Chi (07), Jessie Prather (07), Chanel Jezek (07), Lindsay Lubely (07), Veronica Parks (07), Krystal Faris (07) & Courtney Janes (07)

Remember to fill out any sponsor forms, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


- Here are pics from Bid Day last year: "Welcome to the Good Life!"

Waiting for their new babes! Emily Donoho (07) & Alyssa Slater (07)!!


Shaun said...

Good Luck, Ladies of Mu! I look forward to hearing that you have, once again, recruited the best of the best at Mizzou. Work hard and Do Good!

-Shaun Young, VP:Membership

Danielle said...

have fun girls!!

oh, and I LOVE the redesign! looks great!

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