Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it football season yet?

Are you ready for September 4th?

No, it's not our Founder's Day or the first day of classes - September 4th is the date of the first Tiger's football game of the season! So, for you sports fans out there who are already getting excited, make sure to get your tickets and start scouting good tailgating locations!

Mu Chapter members, we will arrange group seating as usual, but for right now, make sure to get your tickets before they are sold out - group seating sign-ups to come later. Go to this link to purchase your student season ticket combo!

Below, enjoy the new 'We Are Mizzou' commercial featuring the 2010 Mizzou Tiger's team and also check out some Mu members in full black and gold.

Allie Groomes (08) and Veronica Parks (07) posing with the perfect car for Tigers fans!

Ali Dennis (09), Kaeli Kimes (08) and Courtney Alexander (08) - Mu's favorite Golden Girls.

Alexandra Paffenroth (08) and Vanessa Termini (08) wearing the Mu Chapter football shirt.

A 2010 Pi Chi, A true Tiger fan, Mamey Roope (09), and Kelly Schmiedeskamp (09) pose at the gates of Faurot Field.

DGs before a game - check out Gracey Roope's (08) hat!

Members of the 2007 pledge class ready for some football.

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