Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alum competing to be first MTVTJ

Want to be the first ever MTVTJ (MTV twitter jockey, for those of you needing to get "in" on the lingo) - well guess what - alum Danielle Hohmeier just might be!

Since graduating in 2009 Danielle has been an active blogger and social media expert. She currently works for Atomic Dust as the online account coordinator and also blogs consistently keeping an entertainment blog and as a contributer to Girls Guide to the Galaxy. Not only has she been making her mark on social media and online journalism, but she has also been an amazingly active Delta Gamma alumni member. Danielle, who was Mu Chapter President, VP Social Standards, Director of Alumni Relations AND Mu’s Centennial collegiate organizer, is currently a member of Mu House Corporation, a decade chair for the Mu Chapter Lectureship in Values and Ethics, and was volunteer coordinator for this year's Delta Gamma 5k run in St. Louis.

Right now everyone is talking about the MTVTJ contest. Don't believe me, check out what Perez Hilton wrote and this article in the New York Times if you must!

If Danielle wins she will receive a $100,000 salary, a one-year contract with MTV in New York, exclusive access to events and celebrities, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a new MTV personality!

Want to help her? First, check out her profile ( and keep checking back to the MTVTJ website and MTVTJ twitter feed (@MTVTJ). Of course you can also keep checking back to this blog for updates or even follow Danielle on twitter (@daniellesmyname) where she will keep you posted on the contest’s progress.

Way to be a DG Danielle, MU Chapter is here to help!


Danielle said...

ha, I love this. I love you.

you make me out to sound a lot cooler than I really am. no small feat!

thanks for the DG love.

Colby Gergen said...

HOLLA! If you get this gig, you tooootttssss have to introduce me to The Bieber. OMGZ!!!!