Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet the Seniors: Lindsay Short

Lindsay Short
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Major: Cross-Categorical Special Education K-12
Dream Job: Singer :)

Past DG Involvement
Spirit Director (2007-08)
RAMS Liasion (2007-08)
RAMS Rock It, lip-syncer and dancer

Other Group Affiliations
Missouri State Teachers Association
Volunteer at Therapeutic Riding Center
Special Olympics Volunteer
Volunteer at multiple elementary schools working with special education students
Student teacher at Two-Mile Prairie Elementary (2009-10)
Jump Start Tutor working one-on-one with a preschool student to improve language and literacy skills

Year in College: Sophomore
Class &/or Teacher: All of my teaching experiences!
Experience Outside of DG: Volunteering at multiple elementary schools working with special needs students, being a student teacher this year, working at the Therapeutic Riding Center and my volunteer work with the Adventure Club
DG Lunch: Toasted Rav!!
DG Dinner: Spicy Chicken, and when "Mom" would buy cookie cake!!
Location within DG: Annex living room
DG Fling performance: Freshman year homecoming. I had never experienced something like that before, it was incredible and a lot of fun!
DG RAMS Performance: Legally much fun!Spring Break Experience: Traveling to South Carolina this year with Ms. Eliza Murphy

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"I have a feeling I would be very bored, and wouldn't know what to do without the wonderful friendships and people I have come to know through DG. I would still be stuck in "high school" and not creating new experiences for myself and driving myself to succeed."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?
"I will miss everything. I think the thing I will miss the most is always having someone around and someone there for you - someone to hang out with or go out with. The friendships that I have made... I will cherish and keep them forever!"

"I am really glad I have gotten to meet each and every one of you. You all are amazing girls and unique in each of your own ways. We all have so much to offer, and I wish you all the best of luck in all aspects of life! I will cherish the memories we have made, and will miss being DG Pledge Class 06 very much!!"

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