Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet the Seniors: Pollie Rigg

Pollie Rigg
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Major: Textile & Apparel Marketing
Dream Job: Professional Dancer

Past DG Involvement
Director of Spirit (2008-2009)
Homecoming Dance Director (2009)
RAMS Dancer (2008)
Greek Week Dancer (2008-2010)
Homecoming Dancer (2009-2010)
Recruitment Dancer (2009)

Other Group Affiliations
National Collegiate Scholars, affiliate
Tiger Spirit, sales associate

Describe yourself before college
Reserved, laid back, conservative, athletic, dependent
Describe yourself now
Outgoing, open-minded, creative, independent, easy going

Year in College: Senior
Class/Teacher: Marketing with Joel Poor
Experience Outside of DG: Studying abroad in May in El Salvador!
DG Lunch: Toasted Ravioli!
DG Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake
Location within DG: Annex
DG Fling Performance: Homecoming 2009 - we were nominated for "Best Choreography"!
DG RAMS Performance: Legally Blonde, 2008
Spring Break Experience: Palm Desert, California with my family

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"I wouldn't have met so many great people and been able to share some amazing experiences with them. I have become so much more outgoing than I was in high school just from meeting these girls in DG. I definitely wouldn't be as busy, and I think I would be somewhat bored to be honest! I'm so glad DG is in my life."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?
"I will miss all of my amazing friends that I have made over the years, dancing for Greek Week and Homecoming, the Annex... really, there are so many things I could list."

"As a transfer student, I was a little bit hesitant to live in the house right away not knowing anyone, but you all took me in with open arms, and I'm so thankful for that. It was such an easy transition and I'm going to miss each and every one of you so much. ITB!"

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