Monday, April 14, 2008

Come hungry, Leave happy

The DGs at Mizzou should borrow IHOP's marketing slogan from now on! We all know we love to eat, and the last couple of Sundays we have had the pleasure of eating together with our sisters! 

DG had started 'Sunday' dinners at the house about a year ago. The 'food chairs' are given money to get food for in house girls to eat as their Sunday dinner. Although the program is limited to girls that live in the house and annex, it has been pretty successful. We have had food like Jimmy John's, Subway, Olive Garden, and even Taco Bell!

The last couple of weeks, however, we opened the dinners up to the entire chapter, making it an official sisterhood event. A couple of weeks ago we got 'Wild about Sisterhood' at our first sisterhood dinner and ate Buffalo Wild Wings. This Sunday, we traveled to the far east for a wonderful chinese buffet from Hong Kong. 

Good thing we ordered a lot of food, because our basement was packed with girls! Special thanks to all of the sophomores who helped organize the events!


Chanel Jezek said...

The Hong Kong was delicious! :)

Anonymous said...
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