Monday, March 10, 2008

99th Founders Day Celebration

This weekend Mu Chapter celebrated its 99th Founders Day celebration at the University of Missouri. A handful of alumnae and members of the chapter gathered together at Memorial Union and enjoyed a delicious brunch catered by the University Club. Kandis McClure, Director of Alumnae Relations, did an amazing job planning the event!

Collegiate Award winners:
Biggest Heart: Liz Brown, Kristen Delaney, Katie Sullivan, Chelsea Kladiva
Sunshine: Alyssa Slater, Anne Liebman, Taylor Berry, Jamison Miles
Tough Cookie: Amanda Klohman, Laura Schneider, Andrea Lindner, Lesley Neikirk
Anchor Lady: Tori Thompson, Katie Kennaley, Danielle Hohmeier, Nicole Rasch
MVP: Emily Donoho, Hilary Overfelt, Meghan Kuryla, Annie Haden 

At the event, we were lucky enough to have two alumnae speak about lifetime membership in Delta Gamma. It was even more special that they were in the same pledge family (mother and daughter)!

Marcia reminded us of why we were there by talking about our the three women who founded our Fraternity so many years ago. It is so strange to think that their little club has grown into an international organization! Being an involved alumnae, she also spoke about the importance of lifetime membership. 

Our second speaker, Marcia's pledge daughter, was Mu Chapter ATC, Katie Lampitt. Although Katie's speech focused on lifetime membership in Delta Gamma and all that you can gain from it, her speech was bittersweet because she announced to the chapter that her, along with her daughters, Kim and Suzanne, will no longer be serving the chapter as ATC. The three women have given so much of their time to our chapter and have gained the respect and admiration of the girls. At the end of the brunch, Kandis presented each of the three with a golden anchor flower arrangement and at that time the whole room stood and gave them a standing ovation. It is truly a testament to how much of an impact these three have made on the women of Mu Chapter!

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