Monday, September 1, 2008

69 Lovely New Members!

This year's Formal Recruitment ended with Bid Day on August 23, 2008, and the women of Mu chapter extended invitations to 69 beautiful young ladies. We are so proud to have our new DG babies!
On Bid Day, members of all 13 sororities join on the quad, as the women going through recruitment gather in front of Jesse Hall. The girls are handed their bid cards and on the count of three, they rip them open and run to their new sisters.
Check out The Maneater story about this year's recruitment (including a picture of new member Lexie Hays!).
Here is a list of our new members:

Afa, Hillary
Alexander, Courtney
Alves, Sabrina
Andrews, Kelsey
Bartlett, Mary Kate
Becker, Claire
Bergmann, Kathryn
Bolen, Brooke
A 2010 PI CHI
Bradshaw, Molly
Cavallaro, Sami
Clay, Molly
Faerber, Stephanie
Finney, Sally
Fischer, Krista
Francis, Katie
Funderburk, Allie
Graham, Kate
Grawe, Morgan
Griswold, Julie
Groomes, Allie
Hance, Breanna
Harper, Hayley
Hays, Lexie
Higgins, Megan
Horan, Amy
Horan, Michelle
Jackson, Katie
Kimes, Kaeli
Kuphall, Jenna
Larsen, Rebecca
Lawler, Siobhan
Lee, Nicole
Lein, Ashley
Lowe, Mallory
Lum, Sarah
McClelland, Carolyn
McHenry, Hannah
Mertens, Jayme
Meyer, Shayli
Mindel, Kelly
Mitchell, Liz
Murar, Vicky
Murphy, Krista
Nachtsheim, Tracey
Niekamp, Laura
Nolen, Chelsea
Nyhan, Taylor
Paffenroth, Alexandra
Palazzolo, Antionette
Peck, Ashton
Phipps, Lindsey
Pietroburgo, Jamie
Price, Hannah
Rasch, Stephanie
Rinas, Laura
Roope, Gracey
Samborski, Michelle
Schamel, Ellie
Schuppan, Brooke
Shelly, Beth
Simon, Chelsea
Southern, Brooke
Sullivan, Erin
A 2010 PI CHI
Termini, Vanessa
Tucker, Sarah
White, Heather
Yehling, Taylor

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mu chapter members and new members! I am proud!

-Shaun Young, Mu
VP: Membership