Saturday, July 12, 2008

California Dreaming

I just returned from beautiful (and HOT) Palm Desert, California, where the 63rd biennial convention of Delta Gamma Fraternity was held.

Mu Honors
-Not one, but TWO members elected to Executive Council! Congratulations Debbie Seebold Evans (Finance) and Shaun Fisher Young (Membership).
-Second largest chapter (first was Alpha Psi, Mississippi)
-Region 5 recognition of our Golden Anchor Program
-Region 5 Excellence in Philanthropy Fundraising Award
-Columbia Area Alumnae Chapter received an Alumnae Excellence Award

Mu Representatives
Mu Chapter was very well represented in Palm Desert! I am going to try to name as many of us as possible, but I know I will forget some people. If I forgot you, or someone you know, please leave the name in the comments!

Danielle Hohmeier, Mu Chapter President (pictured)
Tonya Dimmit, Mu ATC (pictured)
Katie Lampitt, Columbia Area Alumnae President (pictured)
Debbie Evans, VP Finance (pictured)
Shaun Young, VP Membership (pictured)
Carrie Stith, Eta Theta- St.Louis ATC (pictured)
Jackie Bergquist, Tau- Iowa ATC (pictured)
Donna Hulett, Region 5 Director (pictured)
Lisa Bowles, Region 5 Collegiate Recruitment Specialist (pictured)
Marcia Werremeyer, Region 5 Alumnae Specialist
Lori Loethen, Region 2 Finance Specialist (pictured)
Kary Bachert, Dir. Collegiate Programming
Mary Kay Chapel, Region 5 Finance Specialist
Mary Jo Carver, Region 6 Housing Director

What I learned in Palm Dessert
-Ontario, CA, does not always mean Canada. It could be talking about Ontario, California.
-Hypnosis is fun!
-Judson Laipply is great! Hire him as a speaker!
-Life may not always be the party you hoped for, but while you’re here you might as well dance.
-It isn’t fun when its 97 degrees at 4am. Or 118 degrees in the afternoon.
-Guide dogs are awesome.
-Networking isn’t just for your career- it’s for your life. Surround yourself with people that can not only get you a better job, but get you a better life!
-The DG Foundation does amazing things.
-Steve Ford (President Gerald Ford’s son) is a really great speaker and we should have him at our Lectureship someday!
-It’s okay to be skeptical of desserts named after geometric shapes. Or covered in weird clear gel…
-Sabrina Bryan is really nice! And she was VP Social Standards (just like me)!
-Try to stay at the JW Mariott in Palm Desert. But not when you don’t get any time to enjoy the pool. And not when it is 115 degrees outside.
-Its really great meeting other DGs from around the globe! It doesn’t matter where you are from or how old you are, you already have this instant bond!
-Everyone should go to Convention someday! It is a really cool experience to see DG work at this level! Start planning now for Denver 2010!


Anonymous said...


Sorry I didn't get to meet you at Palm Dessert. I am a Mu DG (1965 Initiate) and currently president of the Sarasota,FL Alumnae Chapter. I can't wait to come back to Mizzou in March for the big 100 celebration.
Susie Gromer Lamy

Anonymous said...

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