Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keystone Ski Trip!

Thanks to a ridiculously long winter break, Mu Chapter DGs were able to hit the slopes of Keystone Colorado from Jan. 4-9.

Lifestyles organized a trip of 1,700 Mizzou students and thanks to Lifestyles reps Maggie Parks (06) and Kathryn Bergmann (08), DGs from each pledge class were able to join in. Check out some of our photos from the trip below!

Members of the 07' and 08' pledge classes who live in the DG Annex pose together for a picture in their condo in River Run village in Keystone, Colorado.

Allie Fryrear (07) and Emily Donoho (07) sit together on the gondola ride up the mountain.

Taylor Allen (07), Lana McMillian (07), Claire Gray (07), and Elissa Miller (07) pose in the falling snow.

Seniors Kristen Delaney (06), Colleen Murphy (06), Adrienne Huff (06), and Abbey Hughes (06) ride the lift up the mountain.