Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mu Chapter gets screen time on ESPN

In case you didn't know - ESPN's CollegeGameDay invaded Columbia this weekend. Broadcasts from the Quad, Erin Andrews at Harpos, and Homecoming festivities kept Mu Chapter busy and entertained all weekend long. If you watched the game on ABC you probably caught some quick looks at the House Decorations put together by Delta Gamma and Delta Upsilon. Elissa Curtis (10) and Carson Love (10) both got some prime time screen time when ESPN videoed their performance in the House Decorations skit and used it for cutaway shots between the game and commercials. It really felt like "christmas" in Columbia this weekend and Mu Chapter helped show the country why Mizzou is the greatest college and has the greatest fans!

Check back later this week for a full Homecoming post including photos, video, and results... until then join this video of Mizzou fans storming the field after the victory over Oklahoma University.

Want to see some awesome (professional) photos from all of the ESPN College GameDay madness - check out this photo blog!

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