Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DG hosts fall semester scholarship dinner!

It's just about finals time and Mu Chapter members are already in study mode. Scholarship is a key part of being a Delta Gamma and a student at MU, so in order to recognize our outstanding members and their academic achievement Mu Chapter hosted a scholarship dinner tonight.

Director of Scholarship Breanna Hance (08) organized this semester's event. Guests included professors and advisors chosen by Mu Chapter members as well as chapter members who earned scholarship honors. Members with a 3.8 GPA or better from last semester were given "Greek Geek" shirts and members with 4.0 GPAs from last semester were given shirts and Delta Gamma Lamp of Knowledge pins.

Last semester the cumulative GPA of the chapter was above both the female all-campus GPA average and sorority GPA average. Kepp up the good work Mu Chapter and let's make that happen again this semester - only one more day of class and one week of finals to go!

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