Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Pledge Class Spotlight

Allison Beto
Hometown: Rockford
Major: Nursing
Dream Job: After college I would love to pursue international nursing. It has been my dream to travel and experience all the different cultures and help countries that don't have the kind of medicare that we do. Then when I am ready to settle down, I want to move out west to Colorado and work in a local hospital (Not sure what area of nursing I want to work in).
Favorite class and why: Anatomy and physiology because I love learning how the human body works.
Favorite thing about DG so far: How much DG stresses the importance of sisterhood.
What dorm do you live in: Since I am a sophomore, I live off campus at the cottages.
Something you want to say to your fellow pledge class: I hope our pledge class comes together and we really get to know each other because the next few years are going to go fast!

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