Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doin' Good for Cedar Creek

The heat and sun couldn't hold us down! DG, along with Greek Week partners Delta Tau Delta and Theta Chi, went down to Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center on Sunday and Tuesday for some good ole' yard work.

Much of Greek Week is centered around giving back to the community. Partners were asked to choose an organization in which they could participate in during the duration of Greek Week. After much consideration, our pairing decided on Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center.

Ever since 1988, several people with all types of disabilities have been coming to Cedar Creek for horseback riding therapy. The Center relies heavily on volunteers to operate successfully. So, it was no surprise that DG, Delt and Theta Chi chose to participate in giving back to Cedar Creek! Fellow Greek Week partners enthusiastically made their way over to the Center to give back to such a deserving non-profit agency.

Founder and Executive Director Karen Grindler welcomed our pairing with open arms and a list of chores for us to do - most of it containing yard work.

Shoveling pavement may be difficult, but these boys and girls did it effortlessly!

DGs take a break from gardening to smile for the camera!

DG, Delt and Theta Chi get together for a group picture before continuing on with yard work.

It always feels right to do some good around the community. The few hours the boys and girls spent at Cedar Creek surely weren't wasted!

What a great way to spend a few hours

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