Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Great Week to be a Delta Gee

This past week was huge for the members of Mu chapter. Not only did we get in full swing of homecoming preparations with our fraternity pairings, Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Sigma, but our Lectureship in Values and Ethics with Frank Abagnale, Jr. was a huge success, and we ended the week  cheering on the Tigers with the DG dads.

Our homecoming liaisons, Mackenzie Michaletz and Caroline Williams (NMC '11), along with our other homecoming directors got our busy week started by beginning pomping and skit preparations for Mizzou's 101st homecoming celebration. This year, our chapter will take on the disco era, which is sure to produce amazing house decorations and a float and an exciting talent production. We are already counting down the days until the homecoming celebrations begin!

On Wednesday, September 12th, at 7:30 pm, Jesse Auditorium was full of DGs, other students, and the general public there to hear Frank Abagnale, Jr. speak about is life. Abagnale was the inspiration for the hit film and now Broadway show, Catch Me If You Can. From the time he was 16, until age 21, Abagnale led a fraudulent life, using fake identities, cashing counterfeit checks, and traveling on airplanes at the expense of PanAm. After being caught, he spent a few years in prison before being hired by the FBI, where he still works today. Frank was a pleasure to hear speak, as he emphasized the importance of realizing and learning from your mistakes to become a better person. He also greatly spoke on the role of love and support from family to succeeding in life. We were so excited to hear him speak and to meet him at the reception at our house following the program. A big thank you to Mercedes Ordonez (NMC '10) and Michaletz for putting on this amazing event.

The week ended when we welcomed our dads to town for our annual Delta Gamma Dads Weekend. Alle Pawelskie (NMC '10), director of special events, did an amazing job planning out a fun time for dads and daughters. Friday night marked the second annual casino night at the house. We were able to enjoy card games, chef AJ's yummy appetizers, and the company of our favorite guys at the event. Saturday, a tailgate took place outside DG with catering from Upper Crust. The weekend ended on a high as we sat with our dad's at the 6 o'clock football game against ASU that our Tigers went on to win. The celebrations of dads weekend made for some great family and Delta Gamma memories for our members.

Frank Abagnale, Jr. enjoyed his time at DG so much, he joined in on the DG sign.

We truly enjoyed Mr. Abagnale's stories and great personality, and are so happy to add another successful Lectureship to the books.

Mu chapter's newest members throw what they know with their poppas outside the DG house.

These dads and daughters had a great time winning chips at casino night!

New member Katelyn Winker had fun at the game with all of her family.

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