Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greek Week Comes to an End

Greek Week has been in full swing all month and now sadly comes to end. A special thanks to all of the girls who put in countless hours for Greek Week ‘10! Overall, DGs donated tons of time for great service sites around Columbia, contributed thousands and thousands of food items for local families in need, donated blood at what ends up being the largest blood drive year after year, flaunted our artistic abilities on stage and our athletic abilities on the field, raised thousands of dollars for our individual beneficiary this year: The UCP Easter Seals, and had tons of fun while doing it all!

Stephanie Faerber (08) organized over 40 girls volunteering their Saturday afternoon to a variety of service sites such as Special Olympics, Day of Service, and Caring for Columbia.
A special thanks to Breanna Hance (08): Our pairing placed 3rd in the annual Food Drive, bringing in over 3,200 canned food items. Altogether the drive brought in over 21,000lbs of food for families in Columbia! For comparison, last year’s drive brought in just under 9,000lbs of food, (more than doubled our numbers) GOOD WORK! And thanks to everyone who helped us reach these totals.
We donated four baskets full of household goods for the Necessity Drive.
DAY OF SERVICE VOLUNTEERS: Mamey Roope (09) and Taylor Deppe (09)
SPECIAL OLYMPICS VOLUNTEERS: Melissa Murphy (09), Karri Baumann (09), Krista McBride (09), Emma Hays (09), Dayna Jensen (09)
CARING FOR COMO VOLUNTEERS: Lauren Pusateri (09), Stacey Sheridan (09), Kelsey Tracy (09), Avenly Jones (09)
DG WON the Penny Drive!! Bringing in 200,000 pennies in the last five minutes really surprised the other pairings!


Heather White (08), Carson Reese (Theta Chi Liaison), and a 2010 PI CHI (08) displaying every bit of 1,600 lbs of pennies.

We are exceptionally proud of anyone and everyone who put in time to make this year’s fling a huge success! Our flats, and props were phenomenal! We won 1st place in backdrop. Special congrats to Lauren Crutchfield (09) who was awarded as one of the best leading actresses!

SKIT: Amy Voloto (08), Molly Bradshaw (08), Katie Pusateri (06)
COSTUMES: Ellie Schamel (08)
DANCE: Brittany Parker (06) and Lorinn Lynn (06)
BACKDROP AND FLATS: Lauren Pusateri (09) and Cameron Sprock (09)

IBA STAR: Lauren Crutchfield (09)
TICKET PASSER OUTER: Brooke Nower (06)
USHERS: Mamey Roope (09), Amanda Timmerman (09), and Katie Reichenbach (09)
EXTRA FLING HELPERS: Beth Shelly (08), Shannon Ortman (09), Stephanie Faerber (08), Jenner Smith (09), Kristin Darr (09), many more!
SOUND/LIGHT CUTES: Allison Dolan (07)

Here is a small portion of our award-winning Vegas backdrop

Delta Gamma's just before Prelims for Fling

Katherie Hickey (09), Lucy Rusk (09), Allie Jaeger (09), and Megan Marzano (09)

Dancers ready to take to the stage

Ashley Lein (08) and Morgan Grawe (08) put together a wonderful blood drive for DG this spring.
Gracey Roope (08) and Mamey Roope (08) tackled the Blood Drive Booth, which was a new means for soliciting to none-Greeks on campus to donate blood this semester.
Molly Bradshaw (08) and her helpers did a great job on our Blood Banner, as always!

Whitney Sedler (07) organized our six games/ sports for this Greek Week:
SPIRIT: Morgan Coleman (09) and all of her helpers!
SUPER FANS: Sam Mittman (08), Avenly Jones (09), Lauren Pusateri (09), Amanda Klohmann (07), Whitney Sedler (07), Morgan Coleman (09), Elise Friede (07)
SOCCER STARS (3rd place): Emily Donoho (07), Colleen Beck (09), Amanda Klohmann (07), Whitney Sedler (07), Sara Jane Kauffman (07), Elise Friede (07), Julie Douglas (09), Jen Didion (07)
FOOTBALL STARS (4th place): Molly Bradshaw (08), Julie Douglas (09), Sara Jane Kaufman (07), Amanda Klohmann (07), Colleen Beck (09), Breanna Hance (08), Stephanie Rasch (08), Elise Friede (07), Andrea Lamkey (07), Whitney Sedler (07), Lauren Pusateri (09), 2010 PI CHI (08)
BASKETBALL STARS (won 1st game!): Mamey Roope (09), Melissa Murphy (09), Whitney Sedler (07), Elise Friede (07), Alyssa Slater (07), Colleen Beck (09), Megan Liechti (07), Molly Corrigan (08), Stephanie Rasch (08)
VOLLEYBALL STARS: Shayli Meyer (07), Alex Paffenroth (08), Vanessa Termini (08), Abbie Hill (07), Whitney Sedler (07), Sabrina Alves (08)
QUIZBOWL STARS: Michelle Horan (08), Katie Pusateri (06), Morgan Coleman (09), Lana McMillian (07), Andie Lanoue (07)
The DG/ Theta Chi/ Pi Kap pairing took the cake in the golf tournament!!
GOLF SPECTATORS: Stacey Sheridan (09), Arianne MacGillivray (09), Stephanie Faerber (08), 2010 PI CHI (08)

BANNER: Molly Bradshaw (08), Amy Voloto (08), Lauren Crutchfield (09), Samantha Mittman (08) and other helpers!
ROYALTY: EB Moore (06) (Thank you to Madison Marcolla (06), Brooke Nower (06), and Cassie May (06) for applying and getting 1st round interviews)
MARRIAGE PARTY: Hayley Harper (08)

THANK YOU! Getting off of Greek Week, we are already looking forward to the excitement of Homecoming!

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