Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet the Seniors: Katie Berkovsky

Katie Berkovsky
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Major: Hotel & Restaurant Management
Dream Job: Working for a Non Profit Organization

Past DG Involvement
Social Chair
New Member Mentor

Other Group Affiliations
Missouri Meeting Planners Association
Eta Sigma Delta Honors Society
Intern at Law Offices of John David Hart
Teaching Assistant for Hospitality Law

Describe yourself before college
Shy, nervous, anxious, uncertain, timid
Describe yourself now
Outgoing, personable, compassionate, friendly,spontaneous

Year in College: Sophomore & Senior
Teacher: Dr. Fryermuth
Experience Outside of DG: Study Abroad in Spain, traveled to Europe with other DG's
DG Lunch: Grilled cheese
DG Dinner/Dessert: Spicy chicken and cookie cake :)
Location within DG: Annex
Spring Break Experience: PCB

1) Imagine you didn't have DG in your life.. describe your personality/life.
"I would not have the friends and the memories that I have today."
2) What about DG will you miss the most?

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