Friday, September 30, 2011

Delta Gamma Lectureship

This past Wednesday, one man was at the center of Delta Gamma’s attention— Aron Ralston! We selected Aron as our speaker for our annual DG Foundation in Values and Ethics Lectureship. Needless to say, he was definitely an inspiration. Aron’s heartrending story hit the big screen this past year with the release of the Oscar-nominated film, 127 Hours.

Gracey Roope (Chapter President), Aron Ralston, & Katie Reichenbach (Director of Lectureship)

Aron, a natural adventure-seeker, was hiking in a canyon in eastern Utah when an 800-pound boulder fell from above him, pinning his right arm and trapping him in a remote 3-foot wide slot for 5 days. With barely any food and water, and little hope for survival, Aron managed to free himself by using a dull pocketknife to amputate his own arm. “I did not lose my hand, but I gained my life back,” he said of the life-changing experience.

Aron’s story was truly motivating, and his encouraging words about overcoming adversity radiated throughout the entire audience. Aron reminded us that ANYTHING is possible!

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