Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Way to be a DG! 10/4/11

Every week vp: social standards Taylor Deppe presents our "Way to be a DG" award to an outstanding member (or group of members) that have contributed an exceptional amount of time and effort to the chapter and deserve special recognition at our chapter meeting! Without these girls' hard work and dedication, we wouldn't have the wonderful chapter we do today.

This week's "Way to be a DG" for the new member class goes out to Kayle Carr for organizing the new member class' PowerPoint!

And for the active members, Katie Reichenbach, PC '09 and Mercedes Ordonez, PC '10 are applauded for their efforts in organizing Lectureship this year! Once again, Delta Gamma, Mu chapter had a wonderfully successful event and loved every second of it!

Thanks again, ladies!

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