Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 2011 slate is in...

It's November and that means (somehow) this semester is coming to a close. While are current Chapter Management Team is hard at work instituting the final programs and events of the semester, they are also looking toward this future. Over the past two weeks Mu Chapter has completed its slating process for the 2011 Chapter Management Team - below is our new list of chapter leaders, congratulations girls!

President: Gracey Roope

VP: Programming: Jenner Smith

VP: Social Standards: Taylor Deppe

VP: Member Education: Lauren Crutchfield

VP: Membership: Amy Voloto

VP: Finance: Katie Moore

VP: Foundation: Cameron Sprock

VP: Panhellenic: Stacey Sheridan

VP: Communication: Avenly Jones

Scholarship: Sarah Harris

Rituals: Mamey Roope

Social Events; Lucy Rusk

Recruitment Records: Morgan Coleman

House manager: Kelsey Tracy

Recruitment: Katie Jackson

New Members: Elissa Curtis

Activities: Melissa Murphy

Public Relations: Katie Reichenbach

Funds: Leigh McLaughlin

Senior Programming: Morgan Grawe

Special Events: Jackie Parker

Alumnae Relations: Lauren Hagerty

Chapter Archives: Alyssa Wollard

Fundraising: Stephanie Faerber

Anchor Spalsh: Nikki Bracken

Spirit: Paige Codilis, Kelsey Tracy

Sportswear: Caryn Lippincott

Banners: Lauren Pusateri

Songs: Ashley Archer

Points: Jordan Berlind

Honor Board:

Junior Member: Ashley Archer

Sophomore Member: Carly Voloto

Member at Large: Ellie Shamel

Alternate Honor Board Member: Hannah Price

Sisterhood Events: Kenzie Dolan

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Danielle said...

Congrats girls! (even though most of you are too young to know who I am.... depressing.)

Special shout out to my fam- Ellie and Lucy!