Monday, November 29, 2010

Twitter campaign for more Tiger football

There are a few things us DG bloggers all love unconditionally - Mu Chapter, fabulous party pics, and macaroni and cheese day at the house. But we are also HUGE fans of Tiger football. So we are combining our love for Mizzou football with our love for blogging/twitter/all things social media. There is currently a twitter campaign using the hashtag #MizzouBowl in attempts to get the attention of the AT&T Cotton Bowl organizers. These socially savvy Mizzou fans want to prove their team deserves to be in the big bowl game. And guess what, you can help!

Here's how:
1. Vote in the poll here:
2. Get on twitter: Use the #mizzoubowl hashtag and tweet @ATTcottonbowl nonstop

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