Monday, March 1, 2010

Hola from Espana

You can find an anchor no matter what city, or even foreign country you are in!

DGs are always ready for an adventure and Tracy Haden (07) and Erin Sullivan (08), both pictured above, are no exceptions. The girls are spending the semester studying abroad in Alicante, Spain. They take classes by day, explore the city by night, and are quickly learning how to put their spanish language education to use. 

We miss both of them a lot, but we love hearing about their adventures and even receiving post cards (thanks Tracy) to share at chapter. The girls have already visited places like Munich and Valencia and even got the chance to join in the celebration of Carnaval. Through facebook, e-mail, blogs, and skype, we get a chance to still be a part of their exciting lives, but we can't wait for them to come back next semester and tell us all about their adventures in person! 

Have fun girls, keep taking pics with anchors!

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