Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doing Good Across Greektown

Though Anchorsplash isn't until Fall, DG is still looking to 'do good' through Greek Life philanthropy competitions. The chapter will focus on participation in three main events; Simga Chi's Derby Days, Pi Kappa Alpha's Pikestock, and Delta Upsilon's Campus Town Races. Interest groups from the Mu Chapter will also join in on almost every other philanthropy taking place. So we thought we would give you an update about our philanthropy participation so far...

On March 14 Delta Gamma had six teams participating in Pikestock. Our team's played great despite the cold, muddy weather and, most importantly, all the girls had a good time supporting a good cause. Check out this link to a Maneater article which features the Delta Gamma Pikestock banner and a summary of the event.

Nicole Lee (08), Sarah Lum (08), Jamie Pietroburgo (08) and Taylor Nyhan (08) pose for a picture before playing volleyball.

The Freshman vs. the Sophomores - Two of Delta Gamma's teams played each other in volleyball during Pikestock on March 14.

This semester some of Mu's members also organized an interest group of Phi Delta Theta's Phunky Phi Disco. This '70s themed bash was held at the Empire Roller Rink, and all attendees were encouraged to dress in their disco best and be prepared for relays, limbo and an array of party games. Follow this link to learn more about what the money raised at the event went toward.

Check back later in the semester for more post about Delta Gamma philanthropic activities - we are always out there looking to 'do good'!

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