Sunday, September 26, 2010

DG participates in Sigma Nu Kung Fu

Sigma Nu unveiled its first annual "Sigma Nu Kung Fu" philanthropy this weekend and of course DG was there to help! Sigma Nu Kung Fu puts participating teams into a Kung Fu style wrestling match complete with sumo body suits and mats. Enjoy the pictures below of the DG team getting suited up and in action - check back for an update to see how we did in the event overall.

Elissa Curtis (10) gives Allie Schamburg (10) a pep talk before her match

New member Kristen Cassidy (10) shows off her sumo skills

Some members of Sigma Nu 'throw it up' with Delta Gammas

New members Kristen Cassidy, Allie Schamburg, Claire Darnell, and Alyssa Wollard pose with their gold medals

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