Monday, September 6, 2010

Dressed in Gold and Black, and a DG on top of that!

The first weekend of Mizzou Football is over - with Mizzou tallying its first victory of the season of course! We all know the football players work hard out there on the field, but don't forget about some other Mizzou student-athletes working just as hard from the sidelines! This year Mu Chapter is represented on the sidelines by Golden Girls and Cheerleaders who get to call DG their home when they are not shining on the field. We want to give a shout-out to our favorite gals on the sidelines - way to go girls, you look great and work hard keeping us fans entertained all game long!

Cheerleader Heather Hopkins (10) with Truman!

Golden Girls Sabrina McEvers (10), Alli Dennis (09), Faith Miller (10), Alle Pawelski (10), Skyler Still (10), Kaeli Kimes (08), and Courtney Alexander (08) 'throwing it up' before the game in St. Louis.